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September 16, 2015

8 Campaign ideas
for Holiday Season

Author Matt
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Winter is coming; no we are not referring to the winter from Game of Thrones but, the craziest and the most awaited time of the year for most retailers. Why you ask, come winter comes the holiday shopping season that most retailers look forward to and plan for all year long. According to a survey commissioned by Channel Advisor, 74% of retailers said that 20% or more of their ANNUAL sales comes during the holiday season.
Now, there are two reasons that drive this madness 1) the season itself and 2) the amazing deals/ promotions that brands offer during this limited period. Consumers even often postpone their purchases to the holiday season to cash in on the amazing bargains. But with every business offering promotions how can you ensure that you stand out. In the blog below we will discuss a few campaign ideas that you can adopt to get noticed and drive sales.
Campaign 1 – Start with your Employees
Businesses often spend a lot of time and money across multiple channels to get their promotions in front of their customers, overlooking the most important channel of all, their employees. Start with them, build custom promotions and ask your employees to share them with their family and friends and reward them when the sale happens. The reach of your employees might be larger than you think.
Campaign 2 – Do not forget your Loyal Customers
Make your loyal customers feel special by giving them a preview of the holiday promotions/ offers and even allow them place orders in advance. There are multiple benefits of doing this – improves the loyalty of your customers, enables you to manage inventory and order fulfillment better, and reduces the load during the peak times.
Campaign 3 – Build a Holiday Gift Guide
What should I gift? The age old conundrum we have all struggled with. Analyze the current trends, look at your inventory, build an amazing holiday season gift guide and share it with everyone. If possible, make it absolutely convenient for your readers to order an item right from the document.
Campaign 4 – Offer them a Deal they cannot Refuse
We all love a good bargain; give your customers a deal they cannot refuse – free shipping, next day delivery, buy a gift and get a gift, and more. Get creative and you will see your customers working hard to push your sales through the roof.
Campaign 5 – Creatively Wrap all your Products
The packaging of the product has a huge impact on how your customers feel about the product – creatively gift wrap all your orders and delight your customers. Moreover, shoppers during the holiday season are usually in a rush and gift wrapping can go a long way in gaining customer loyalty.
Campaign 6 – Keep the Excitement alive with Daily Deals
Try staggering your deals across multiple days to keep your customers coming back for more. There are other advantages to it – with deals staggered you can manage your inventory and order fulfillment process better, good deals can keep your customers engaged and excited, and more.
Campaign 7 – Get them interested with a Preview of Offers
Used very widely these days by brands like Best Buy, Costco, and others – a preview of offers can get your visitors excited and help them plan their purchases in advance.
Campaign 8 – Get them back to your Store with Future Offers
It does not have to end with the holiday season. With promotions and offers driving customer loyalty these days, businesses see a number of first-time visitors/ customers on their store during the holiday season. Give them free samples, offers they can use on future purchases or services they can use for the rest of the year and make them stay with your brand.

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