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March 25, 2022

Adobe Summit 2022: Innovation & Experiences

Author i95Dev Marketing

The Adobe Summit 2022 was all about creativity, innovation and immersive customer experiences and how they together have become the new currency of the digital economy. It has become clear and imperative for more and more organizations to adapt and transform into a ‘digitally-charged’ businesses to capitalize on enormous opportunities and channel customers to connect and engage with the brands. We, at i95Dev believe in delivering such seamless eCommerce customer experiences across numerous touchpoints and design an omnichannel solution by adding value at every step of the digital journey.

With more than 200 sessions and training workshops, virtual networking experiences, and plenty of opportunities to learn from leading-edge brands and innovators, Adobe Summit 2022 set the pace for forward-thinking Experience Makers.

Key Highlights of Adobe Summit 2022

    • Personalized Content
      Brands can achieve favorable results by creating powerful personalized experiences for millions in milliseconds based on compelling content and insightful data.
    • Connectivity
      Connectivity is fundamental to the success of every online business. Integration between the eCommerce platform and ERP – data, channel, content, workflow – enables excellent customer experiences and powerful business insights.
    • Seamless Buyer Journey
      Personalize online experiences by integrating Adobe’s real-time customer data platform (CDP) with Adobe Target.
    • Insights and Data
      Personalize content, forecast revenue generation and customer behavior, and convert data into actionable insights with Adobe’s AI engine.
    • Learning
      Create engaging web learning experiences for customers, employees, and partners with Adobe Learning Manager, a cloud-based learning platform.
    • Power of AL, ML and Web 3.0
      The IBM-Adobe partnership extension enables users to get AI-driven insights on the impact of weather on shopping behaviors across verticals such as retail, travel, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and hospitality.

“Customer experiences and seamless journeys – built on insights, data and compelling content – are what make the digital economy personal.”
Anil Chakravarthy, President, Digital Experience Business at Adobe

i95Dev Sponsorship

i95Dev, a leading provider of futuristic integrated eCommerce suite of products and solutions that power businesses globally, was a proud sponsor at the Adobe Summit 2022.

For the first time, we had two lucky winners, one of them received a giveaway comprising the all-new 13 inches MacBook Pro and second winner walked away with a BONUS GIVEAWAY – i95Dev Discovery worth $6,000.

Know more about i95Dev’s eCommerce Growth Engine is equipped with ground-breaking features to propel your eCommerce future forward.

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