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August 20, 2020

How WooCommerce Integration
Services can Transform Your Business

Author i95Dev Marketing
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WooCommerce is an open-source plug-in used to build an eCommerce site on WordPress. It is suitable for small, medium, and large-sized eCommerce businesses. This plug-in is capable of setting up a new store in a matter of minutes through configurable shipping options, secure payments, and other eCommerce facilities.

B2B eCommerce- on the rise

B2B eCommerce is rising at a swift rate, with businesses shifting their models from brick-and-mortar to online. Revenue figures right now are truly astounding, with B2B online sales expected to touch $6.6 trillion in 2020. Buyers these days are empowering themselves with self-service tools and consumer-type experiences which have been made available on leading eCommerce sites such as Amazon, but the difference here is that the needs of B2C consumers are very different from the B2C types.
Using WooCommerce, as a business owner you shall be able to:

  • Provide multi-tiered and role-based pricing
  • Enable different types of discounts
  • Display or hide specific products from particular types of customers
  • Establish multiple pricing levels

Steps in building a B2B store using WooCommerce

In most cases, companies will be able to create WooCommerce platforms for both B2C and B2B consumers, although a separate area will have to be made for the B2b buyers. Here are the steps:

  • Make B2B and B2C user roles– Having multiple user roles for your business provides a lot of flexibility on the presentation of products and prices. The WooCommerce Wholesale Plug-in Bundle gives the option to choose any user role at the time of registration.
  • Enable approvals of B2B users– Based on the type of WooCommerce B2B store being run, you are likely to require a way to enable B2B user approvals. This helps keep track of all B2B customers and also manages customer relationships well. It can be done through the WooCommerce Members Only Plug-in within the WooCommerce Wholesale Plug-in Bundle. Once the process is complete, you will simply have to approve or reject a registration upon receiving an email.
  • Configuration of pricing rules– Since multiple pricing levels can be set, you can configure two different price adjustment types using the WooCommerce Wholesale Plug-in Bundle:
    • Fixed Discount– It enables you to allow customers to get a specific amount off a product’s total price
    • Percentage Discount– With the help of this, you can give WooCommerce B2B customers a percentage off the product’s price
  • Offering bulk discounts to WooCommerce B2B customers- Not only can there be different rules for different kinds of customers, but you can also make these customers purchase from you using bulk discounts. Two kinds of discounts, one being on user role and the second one as per units of purchased products can help increase sales. You may even select the products on which bulk discounts are to be applied.

WooCommerce Integration Services allows to integrate in conjunction with other back-office applications such as:

  • Microsoft Dynamics SAP
  • Quickbooks
  • Salesforce
  • Oracle
  • NetSuite
  • Epicor

For B2B companies to succeed in the long run, they need to integrate these software applications with their company platforms’ API layers in order to automate and empower sharing, customer-facing website resources and administrative processes. The following B2B store functions have suitable plug-ins from WooCommerce:

  • Quoting
  • Invoicing
  • Subscription

Optimal business results can only be obtained by integrating WooCommerce with back-office business workflows to get optimal results.

1. WooCommerce ERP integrations

What every company needs is a fully automated solution to integrate an ERP package with its WooCommerce store. The benefits of WooCommerce ERP integrations are as follows:

  • Less time is taken from giving an order to its dispatch
  • Repetitive data entry is avoided, thereby reducing human errors
  • Improved lead management
  • Easy and enhanced inventory management by tracking your store and receipt of real-time order alerts
  • Management of custom catalogs, complex catalogs, as well as store-within-store catalogs
  • Automation in making tax settings and tax jurisdictions for different countries
  • Generation of custom sales reports
  • Lesser operational costs and seasonal recruitment of employees
  • WooCommerce ERP provides Flexibility in design, allowing easy addition of content

2. WooCommerce QuickBook Integrations

WooCommerce is able to integrate with popular accounting software such as Quickbooks. Through WooCommerce QuickBooks Integrations, B2B customers can manage income, expenditures, and also send invoices to vendors. Synchronization of the above ensures that lesser data has to be entered manually, and this can be achieved through the WooCommerce Quickbook extension.

3. WooCommerce SAP integrations

A critical component for data processing in companies today is System Application and Product, better known as SAP. It is the market leader in organizing business operations and in allowing better interactions with B2B customers. Now for an organization to improve the functionalities of its online stores, the WooCommerce SAP integration is highly beneficial. With the help of the SAP WooCommerce integration, businesses are able to balance their offline and online practices.

All the components in WordPress meant to enhance blogging, search engine optimization, storefront capabilities, etc. are enhanced when in combination with SAP. Together, they offer benefits such as:

  • Better product browsing
  • Synchronization of offline and online inventory
  • Integration of digital technology across all areas of business
  • Versatile payment
  • Use of multiple currencies for pricing

4. WooCommerce Microsoft Dynamics

For B2B eCommerce applications to be successful, a lot of attention needs to be given to customer service. Offering the self-service model of convenience is the only way to make this possible. To give the B2B customers what they really want, you will need to automate data validation, capture, and transfer on a real-time basis, which can be achieved with a WooCommerce Microsoft Dynamics integration.

Microsoft Dynamics offers all the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for small and medium enterprises and should be a part of your company. B2B customers will be delighted by enhanced user experiences through the Microsoft Dynamics Woocommerce integration.

5. WooCommerce Sage integrations

Sage is the name of accounting software capable of several functions such as creating invoices and sales orders, downloading transactions like receipts, bank payments, purchase ledger transactions and sales ledger transactions. It is also able to upload stock categories and tax rate, both of which reflect a company’s business rules online. WooCommerce Sage integrations help B2B clients save several hours on a daily basis.

Now there is no need to manually put in data from WooCommerce into Sage since the transfer of data through a suitable platform has become automatic. When employees stop spending time keying in data manually and focus on business growth, it will help the business expand on all fronts. You can import sales orders, customers, and invoices. While inventory can be exported, it is possible to import and export customers. Since WooCommerce Sage integrations are cloud-based, there is no need to update or download.

WooCommerce Sage integrations as well as the other integrations mentioned here are possible through iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service). At i95Dev, we provide seamless integration for your WooCommerce platform with your preferred ERP ensuring that your business attains new levels of growth within no time.

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