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November 6, 2018

Benefits of Customizing
your Online Store

Author Vishnu
Consumers are increasingly choosing to buy the products online rather than visiting a store location; to remain relevant, company’s serving them will need to offer tailor-made experiences for each customer.
With the explosion of the eCommerce industry in the last decade, many businesses now have online platforms for selling their products in addition to their brick and mortar ones. Some companies are in fact only dealing online without any physical storefront!
However, merely having an e-commerce website does not translate into success. The true success lies in adapting the website to the user’s needs. It helps to refine the experience and increase the conversion rate for the platform. The first step towards it is to understand the difference between ‘Customization’ and ‘Personalization’.
The focus to improve an online store always revolves around user experience. It can be done by delivering a tailor-made experience for each customer. Customization and personalization are the two most essential practices used to create this experience. Though they are used interchangeably in many scenarios, there is a considerable difference between the two terms.

Difference between Personalisation and Customisation

The users are profiled based on their earlier interactions. Specific content and adjustments are presented to the user on the basis of this profile. Personalization is an integral part of any digital system and helps in increasing customer loyalty in the end. The recommendations presented by Wal-Mart, Amazon, etc based on the user’s past behavior is an example of personalization. We wrote a few blogs on personalization of e-commerce store. Below are the links.
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Customization empowers the user to make the changes to suit their needs. Customization is based on the assumption that the customer knows its needs and hence can choose its interaction based on these goals. In addition, it lets the administrator incorporate the changes needed at the code level of the eCommerce store. This is essential in order to expand the features of the eCommerce platform and make the website specific to the online store customers. Any website using other-than default features is an example of such customization.

Need for a custom website

Most businesses today face the dilemma of whether to go for a template based website or invest in a custom design. Though template-based websites are cheaper and faster to set-up, they lack the uniqueness required to set the company aside from the competition. A custom-made website is a big investment, but it offers significant benefits over a vanilla flavor website in the long-run. A custom-made website:

  • Provides a unique identity to the brand and increases its affluence: Being different from the competitors is vital for any business. With a customized website, one can implement a particular layout and unique color schemes that can make the company’s brand stand out and provide a unique experience to the users.
  • Provides custom features and functionality based on the company’s profile: In custom-websites, the ability to design and incorporate plugins. This helps in creating custom workflows, which translate into increased visibility and revenue.
  • Let’s one offer personalized experience for users: After analyzing the user interaction and behavior on the webpage, the administrator can design a unique personalized experience for each user. This helps in refining the way users engage with the pages and increase the conversion rate.
  • Aids in enhancing the search engine optimization of the website: Template-based websites provide minimal search engine optimization and hence are not sufficient for an online store’s marketing needs. With a custom-made website, one can plan the structure of the website in a way that it improves the search engine optimization of each page and hence brings more visitors to the website through the search results.
  • Reduces the limitations: In comparison with the template-based websites, a custom-made website can scale to incorporate advanced features, new plugins etc. This helps in improving not just the visual appeal but also the utility of the website.
  • Compatibility: A custom-made website can be designed to be compatible with all the latest devices of various screen sizes like mobile, tablets etc. This helps in giving the perfect resolution and viewing experience for each user no matter which device the visitor uses.
  • Reduced loading time and downtime: Well-designed custom websites load faster than the template-based websites as they are optimized. Moreover, since the custom websites are built with systematic planning and structure, the errors and cross-platform issues are minimal, and hence any downtime caused by such occurrences are minimal.

Benefits of having a customized eCommerce platform

Just like the template-based website, an eCommerce platform that serves for masses might seem a good option based on the time and money it saves. However, on the other hand, having a customized Magento Platform provides a tailor-made design based on your product and company’ requirements. A Customised eCommerce Platform offers the following.

  • Allows one to provide customers with a personalized and customized experience, which helps in increasing the traffic volume and conversion rate at the page.
  • Let’s the company provide customized checkout options.
  • Increases the site’s scalability and internal process (here is a great example)
  • Helps in providing much better after-transaction service to the clients like order tracking and live chat option to resolve queries.

As can be interpreted from the above points, a customized commerce website is much more beneficial for every business in comparison with the out-of-the-box e-commerce platforms.


At i95Dev, we provide customized eCommerce solutions that are focused on creating the best experience for your customers as well as streamlining all the processes for the company. Our solutions are complete e-commerce solution suitable for any e-commerce player. It gives the tools required to engage, convert and retain the customers. We can also integrate with back-end ERP system for effective process automation.
It eliminates unproductive, repetitive and error-prone manual tasks with ERP integration and seamlessly synchronizes customer, product, order, etc. information from all channels with the ERP system. This results in streamlined business processes, efficient inventory management, increased productivity and improved operational efficiency.
The solution will help retailers, manufacturers and distributors grow their online sales and establish themselves as a global brand.
Moreover, it will also help you stand out from the crowd by presenting the customers with unique shopping experience using our advanced B2C modules like multi-address checkout, split shipment and payment extend, etc. These modules give your customers the much-needed flexibility without increasing the overhead by syncing the required information back to the ERP system.
So why wait? Talk to our experts today to build your customized eCommerce website.

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