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March 31, 2021

Best Examples of How Home
Improvement Businesses Leveraged eCommerce

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In our previous blog, we saw reasons why home improvement businesses should shift to eCommerce. And now we are back with some best examples of how businesses have leveraged eCommerce to its fullest. We have helped these businesses put up their eStores and built them a complete eCommerce ecosystem

Leading home improvement brands like: 

  • Surplus Furniture
  • Arteriors Home
  • Attken

Surplus Furniture

Surplus Furniture is a leading furniture and mattress retailer with 34 retail locations across the USA and Canada for more than 30 years. They had an eStore for the customers to browse the product catalog online and purchase in-store. All was well until COVID-19 hit, which resulted in the physical store shutting down. 

Building an eCommerce store seemed like the way forward. Now, Surplus Furniture had to ensure that they were ready for the challenges that came with an eCommerce store – like inventory management, fulfillment, customer experience, payment, and more.  

i95Dev not only built a customized eStore for Surplus Furniture but also ensured it provides a consistent and seamless shopping experience by integrating their eCommerce store with a back-end Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system which was crucial.

Surplus Furniture reaps the benefits of a robust eStore with a new design (UI), a superior customer experience (UX), better efficiency, and an omnichannel experience with seamless ERP integration. 


Arteriors Home

Founded by Mark Moussa in 1987, Arteriors is a B2B Dallas-based company specializing in lighting, furniture, and decorative accessories that appeal to the design-trade clientele. Arteriors invested in a Magento-based B2B eCommerce store to service their customers better.

However, with information residing in Magento eCommerce and Dynamics NAV ERP systems, managing and maintaining customer, product, and order information across multiple systems became an operational nightmare for them. 

Arteriors partnered with i95Dev to build a robust and scalable eCommerce ecosystem. A customized integration solution was developed between their Magento and Dynamics NAV ERP systems, incorporating their existing workflows and processes.

The customized eCommerce ecosystem benefited in the below ways:

  • Arteriors Home’s eCommerce sales witnessed a growth of more than 600% over last year. 
  • Got a 360-degree view of its customers, irrespective of where they were created – Magento or NAV
  • It saved more than 3000+ hrs in the manual effort



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Attken- Do It Center, based in the UAE is a leading brand with over 30,000 great-value products, from outdoor and indoor furniture, tools, and services . Attken wanted to stay relevant to its customers and seamlessly serve them across online and offline channels.

i95Dev suggested going online with an eCommerce store and revamp its back-end ERP and POS applications to support the anticipated growth, maintain efficient operations, and provide a superior customer experience. 

i95Dev approached the project with its proven agile digital transformation implementation methodology. The transformation took place in phases:

  • Phase 1 –Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation to take care of their finance, operations, and retail requirements. 
  • Phase 2 –Adobe Magento eCommerce store development
  • Phase 3 –ERP and eCommerce systems integration

Attken today benefits with:

  • Improved availability and brand visibility 
  • Improved inventory utilization, customer experience 
  • Better operational efficiency with streamlined workflows and processes 
  • Improved visibility with BI dashboard for better decision 

These were just a few home improvement brand stories in short; interested in knowing how building an eCommerce ecosystem can make a difference to your brand?

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