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April 2, 2012

Why Consider a Point-of-sale (POS)
System that can Integrate with your Ecommerce ?

Author VV Richards
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As a retailer, you are always on the lookout for the newest product to present in your store, but why aren’t you on the lookout for something to make your point of sale easier for your sales associates? Not only that, but why not integrate information from your e-commerce and your physical store to create a full-service commerce experience? With any type of solution you might be able to do a few things like integrate data and so forth. But you should be looking for something solid to help your sales, make point of sale easier on your sales people, and make your customers happier with the process. Magento commerce integration with Microsoft dynamics RMS is a solution that would bring smiles to retail sales associates’ faces because of how easy it is to use to complete a transaction.
As customers are becoming more self-centered, the process of checking them out can be time-consuming and very difficult. Some sales associates become frustrated and may even quit. There’s no real way to know what could happen until it happens. Choosing a POS system, that can integrate with e-commerce system, is a great way to ensure that you don’t find out what would happen if it got to that point. Not only do you want something easy to use, but you want something that will be integrated with the inventory and makes it easy for your sales associates to tell customers to check that something is or is not in stock by logging onto the online store.
Finding a POS system will help you keep your employees, ensure inventory is on hand without having to double and triple check, make customers happy and enable customers to check on things, such as shipping, without bothering their sales associate. They can do an address change for gift giving easily without changing the primary address, making the shopping experience unforgettable in a good way. All processes of the transaction become easier for everyone involved from sales associates to customers.
A POS system that makes the process easy and data synchronization flawless is not as difficult as some retailers might think, because i95Dev has designed and developed solution that makes everything effortless. Magento commerce integration with Microsoft dynamics RMS is designed to work with both e-commerce and a commerce storefront without jeopardizing your store’s marketability. If anything, it actually increases the ability to attract customers!

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