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June 2, 2014

Cross Selling Features in eCommerce
that can Allure your Customers

Author Victor Achilles
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Cross-selling is a sales strategy suggesting additional items or add-ons to a customer making a purchase. The viewpoint behind these sales strategies is that salespersons should not just passively take orders, but instead be active sellers. As cross-selling consists of products and services the customer wasn’t planning on spending in the first place, the salesperson needs to effectively communicate to the customers why he or she needs to buy the extra items immediately. Cross selling is an age old strategy implemented by businesses but with online selling, the objective remains the same but the mode of fulfilling the objective changes. Ecommerce do not consider the burden of a salesperson all through but uses techniques that counterbalances the role of a salesperson by helping ecommerce to drive more personalized shopping experiences and increase average order value.

Online shopping has made life easy for shoppers as any desired item is just a click away. This time saving and hassle free process gives customers an aura of satisfaction but brings wrinkles in the forehead of the retailers. Guess why? Because thou undoubtedly it’s good to have customers purchase quickly and remain happy but it also means that customers lose the chance to see your other merchandise which predominantly concerns retailers. So if a customer focuses only on buying a particular item, then an online retailer misses out on the additional revenue that comes from a customer seeing and liking other items and probably ending up buying them as well.

The following points are worth to check for on how cross selling can influence your shopper to buy more and help you firm your business by improving sales:

Understand your Customer

Understanding customers is the key to achieve success in businesses. A business cannot survive without conducting ongoing efforts to better understand customer needs. To discover what your customers want and understanding their buying patterns are crucial in developing effective cross-selling strategies. If you don’t understand their urge, you probably might end up misunderstanding the reality. Your understanding of the customer can actually help you bridge the gap between your offerings and the customer needs.

Inform what others did

One important factor that counts is the customer’s behavior. Customers always love to be informed on the latest styles and trends. They always prefer to be included in the next-gen concepts. Lines like “Those who bought this product also bought these products” builds a trust with the site visitor reflecting what other customers have done. Online retailers how much authentic it can be can’t give the shoppers a chance to inspect products which creates the amount of risk in the mind of customers. Finding others having already purchased the product relieves some of their anxiety and grows a feeling that since all these other people are buying this, then it must be worth it.


Most of us love to be pampered and this human nature if best utilized to woo customers can help to improve cross selling. Displaying a merchandise section on a product page saying “You Might Also Like” or “We Suggest” gives a personalized touch to the customers.
Popular in the list
Hot selling items are always eye-catching. If you can inform them the bestselling item among the lot, you are actually putting a cherry on top of the cake for the customers to grab on. Customers simply love to know which is topping the list. A customer looking for a Smartphone would always prefer to know what exactly most people bought in his range. It eases their decision making as most of them prefer to follow the popular verdict.


Certain positions in your website if utilized properly can maximize cross selling. The places which achieve the most success are product pages, shopping basket view, early checkout stages and once the product has been ordered. Placing the cross sells in those strategic positions in your website will definitely help to boost sales.

Bundled offers and time limit

Customers are more careful than ever before and they want to make sure they are getting the best value out for their money. Bundled offers influence customers to stretch their pockets. Options like “Buy X, Get Y Free” always instigate customers. Moreover, if you add time limit to such offers, it becomes more compelling. Shoppers finding only so much time left to benefit from a splendid deal would try not to miss out on the opportunity.

Customer Reviews

Intelligent businesses no longer fear customer reviews.  In fact they take it on a positive note instead of a warning. People love sharing experiences and these experiences are bag full of valuable knowledge for the potential buyers. Customer reviews helps not only in getting shoppers to close the deal, but they can also point shoppers toward the direction of other merchandise. For example, a customer review on a mobile phone speaks about the beautiful features the mobile have; and the review extends up to saying about how good the mobile cover looks on the mobile. With such customer reviews, a shopper has received both an assessment of the main product in question, and endorsements of other products in the retailer’s inventory. Such honest suggestions help to build trust on the product as well as on your business.

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