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December 6, 2012

Customize Return Merchandise
Authorization for Customer Satisfaction

Author Jeremy Meyer
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Customers aren’t always happy with their purchase, making it necessary for all retailers to have an easy method for returns or exchanges. The Return Merchandize Authorization in Magento makes the process simple for both you and your customers.

How It Works

The RMA allows customers to request a refund for their purchase when they are dissatisfied with the product. There is no hassle of phone calls or emails involved; customers simply send the RMA request online. Upon receipt, the retailer can either accept or deny the request, making it a seamless process for everyone involved.
In addition to the ease of requesting the refund, retailers can also generate a shipping label for customers to use to make the return process even easier. The label can be automatically generated, allowing customers to simply affix the label to their package and ship it back to the retailer.


i95Dev makes it possible to customize this feature in the Magento Enterprise Edition. For example, we created a customization for a client that allowed their customers to generate the shipping labels themselves. The product could then be shipped back via UPS Ground. This feature proved to be beneficial to our client because it saved their employees the time of creating and shipping the labels out to customers. It also satisfied their customers because they were able to create their own label at their convenience, eliminating the need for phone calls, emails or any time lag in waiting for the label to arrive.

Customer Returns the Inventory to the Store


Store approves the item and selects the reason code to return to inventory or make it offline


Magento Process

Within the Magento platform and the i95Dev customization, customers are able to request an RMA. There are three reasons an RMA would be produced – Refund, Store Credit Refund or Exchange. When the customer creates the request, Microsoft Dynamics RMS is automatically updated. The automation of the entire process saves time and money for the retailer, as well as makes it a much simpler process for the customers.




Store Credit

Benefits to Retailers

Twenty percent of a retailer’s sales are typically refunds. While it isn’t favorable to retailers to have to process a refund, it is important to make it a simple process for customers to retain their loyalty. A happy customer will be a repeat customer, despite the fact they are returning your merchandise at the moment. A happy customer leads to further purchases and increased sales.
Overall, retailers benefit from the fewer manual resources that are required to maintain customer satisfaction in regard to refunds. They also benefit from the streamlined process that enables everyone to be happy with the end result.
i95Dev would be happy to consult with you regarding the customizations you want to see in regard to increasing your sales and business by improving customer satisfaction. We offer many options to create customer satisfaction, while helping you increase sales in the long run.


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