December 10, 2020

How is Digital Marketing
Helping eCommerce Grow?

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The global digital advertising and marketing market is expected to reach $640.2 Billion by 2027.

As the eCommerce stores on the web are growing, so are the digital marketing efforts by each one of them. Every brand wants to be noticed at the platforms where their potential customers are already available. It’s the era where shopping is no longer a task done exclusively, but is online while relaxing, scrolling the mobile phone, or just browsing. If done right, digital marketing gives the projected sales, revenue, growth.

This blog will help you understand how crucial digital marketing is for your eCommerce business to grow. We will also discuss the 8 most effective digital marketing aspects that attract more customers, results in increased ROI, and sales.

What are the digital marketing aspects that help eCommerce grow?

Greater Engagement with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has proven to be more effective when there is a constant conversation. Whether the conversation is happening between your followers, dislikers, or just people with a neutral opinion about your brand.

A trending way of creating more engagement is via social media influencers. Collaboration with these popular faces helps in increasing brand awareness. At the same time, gives room to their dedicated followers to talk and comment about your product/services that boost conversation.

It keeps your brand name in the buzz, and remember, Any Publicity is Good Publicity!

Also, you may find many marketing posts that end with a question mark. It compels one to respond or react to the question that encourages fellow viewers to share their opinion.

Digital Marketing Drives More Sales

Every business invests in marketing to drive more sales—various activities involved in digital marketing help at every stage of the sales process. From attracting visitors to converting them into a customer, digital marketing plays a vital role at every step.

  •       Reaching out to the target audience/ market
  •       Working on building customer’s trust
  •       Leading customers to store
  •       Presenting the product/service that meets customer needs
  •       Closing the sale

The first step, reaching out to the target audience/ market, can be done by search engine optimization, pay per click, or advertisements that attract people to your site by showcasing your USP.

The next step is to build the trust and credibility that customers crave. This can be easily achieved by assisting the customer on your store page with simple navigation, attractive images, informative product videos, 24/7 support, etc.

Next, leading the customer to buy. This is where you navigate customers through the buying process by providing enough supportive content and all the possible payment options.

Digital Marketing Enables Personalization

Personalization has time and again proven to be effective and plays a vital role in eCommerce. It is the key to attract visitors to your website, making them feel like you genuinely care for your customers and are here to add value.

  •       A personalized message
  •       Name in the subject line of an email
  •       Creating specialized content for a specific group/target audience, etc

You can go as creative as possible to make your customer feel valued and take an exclusive approach.

Now, this process is not possible in the traditional form of marketing. You can’t even imagine preparing a different billboard for every customer.

Instant Buy via Direct Shoppable Marketing Posts

Digital marketing on social media platforms offer direct buying options. For example, you deal with home and furnish products, where you can simply create a living room setup picture, tag all your products, and direct them to the website. Also, add additional information like cost and a short description that might help customers make the buying decision right there.

It is a huge void filled by digital marketing from the traditional way. It eliminates the complete buying journey saving both time and effort.

These posts are a great way of direct sales and delivering to the customer’s needs at platforms easily accessible.

Marketing via User-Generated Content

One of the most trending forms of digital marketing is user-generated content. It is the best way of letting your customers speak about your brand on a bigger platform. More than 90% of customers trust reviews before making a purchase.

User-generated content is like letting your customers make sales for you without engaging any sales rep. No extra efforts are required to convince the customer to make the purchase. The  content already sitting on your website for years continues to do all the convincing. While, in the traditional form of marketing, we cannot use the user-generated content so effectively.

Increased Brand Awareness

Digital marketing helps in widening your reach to the desired customers. A simple post on any social media platform can attract thousands of customers within an hour, which is highly impossible in any physical form of marketing.

Moreover, you can present the same idea of marketing in different ways based on the platform chosen. For example, not every customer might want to read a blog or a long text. One might prefer watching a quick video uploaded on YouTube.. In this way, you may grab the attention of customers with different choices and mindsets.

Digital Marketing is Measurable

You definitely would want to know how your marketing campaigns are performing. There are specific metrics and KPI’s that can be tracked and used for decision making.

At the same time, it is challenging to keep track of traditional marketing efforts.

For example, you put equal marketing efforts for both, on and offline. In this case, you can always go back and check all the essential metrics to measure the ROI, while the only option in offline marketing is to ask every customer how they have landed at your store? And so on.

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Now, last but not least!


Automation in digital marketing is a blessing. You bring visitors/customers to the store and nudge them to make money for you while you relax. Is that even possible in the traditional form of marketing? Don’t you have to be on your toes all the time to do it the old fashioned way?

You can automate:

  •       Email campaigns
  •       Social media posts at a suitable time for different target audiences
  •       Gathering customer information, etc

Automation in digital marketing helps you concentrate on sales, customer satisfaction, strategic decision making, and much more.

Most importantly, it helps you direct all your marketing efforts in different time zones. Anytime, anywhere. It enables in diverting your time and energy to other aspects of the business.

Wrapping it up

Digital marketing and its benefits for your business to grow can go on and on. But to yield the desired results, you need a digital marketing solution partner. We understand your position; managing all the technical and functional operations need equal attention. Being eCommerce enthusiasts, we care for businesses like you and help you grow.

Choose i95dev as your digital marketing partner and witness exponential growth!

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