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June 4, 2019

Drive More Value to Your Customers
with ERP Magento Integration

Author i95Dev Admin
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Substantial growth and progressive vision are often projected as the principal grounds for modern-day organizations to venture towards ERP Integration with Magento. However, there are times when companies deliberately keep their Magento platform completely separate from their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, dragging the business away from numerous benefits of Magento ERP integration. The decision to carry on both systems separately may appear fair enough at first but may cost significantly to your business. Apart from simple benefits such as faster business processing, improved data accuracy, and enhanced customer management, Magento ERP integration can be instrumental in augmenting your everyday business standards and eventually driving more value to your customers.

Before we examine the Magento ERP integration benefits, it is recommended to understand what it means to integrate the Magento web platform with enterprise resource planning software. Your ERP software is the backbone of the entire business process management, which manages the business administration while automating various back office functions. So when it is integrated with an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP such as Magento, the end result will be a substantial asset for any organization. The common reasons why businesses usually delay an effective integration takes account of an associated cost and the immediate impacts of disruption in business to system exchange. Nonetheless, with incessant business expansion and increase in an everyday struggle with manual data updates, a planned integration is inevitable. Ensuring the availability of comprehensive information for well-versed decision-making, we’ve highlighted below some of the key benefits to answer concerns on why to integrate Magento ERP.

Drive Value to Customers

A satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement. Every business thrives on gaining a layered and loyal customer base. A happy customer experience for an e-commerce business is all about the experience that involves correctly displayed product information, accurate product availability, delivery details, and order status tracking. The ideal scenario is achieved when the required information is effortlessly obtainable to the customers, without escalating the operational hassles for the business. Integration of the platform with ERP assists in syncing web customer details, inventory updates, orders payment and shipping information, and instantaneous order tracking. The integration also facilitates transferring important data from Magento to ERP such as orders, invoices, and credit memos on a real-time basis. Ensuring regular and constant data fetching also helps to maintain an up-to-date order status, which is essential for customer satisfaction. An integrated system that takes care of all such deliverables ensures a happy customer, which eventually promises repeat business.

Improved Data Functionality

This is unquestionably one of the most significant changes the ERP Magento integration brings to any organizational process. An integrated system, synchronizing the Magento platform with ERP software, would considerably enhance the business functionality by eliminating manual data entry. Data sync is one of the primary advantages of working in an integrated system. It increases productivity by minimizing manual entry of orders, inventory, products, and customer and shipping data. New product addition, image updates, changes in price or stock, and alterations in the orders are all automatically transferred to the Magento once it is processed in the ERP software. This completely eliminates the manual work and eventually enhances productivity.

Ensures Automated Checks

Human error is a menace we all fight on a regular basis. Even if you set-up a systematic process and boast on competent human resource, there is always a scope for human error. And the slightest error, especially in price/order management or a minute mismatch in the online store and ERP data can cost the entire repute. Here’s where modern technology comes handy, all you have to do is embrace technology based on requirements. Integrating your e-commerce store with the ERP software reduces or completely eliminates the scope of even the slightest possibility of error. Updating and transferring data manually from one system to another can bog down the staff, which is often the main reason behind most of the human errors. On the other hand, having a fully integrated system in place eliminates the need for such redundant data-entry task, which is taken care of without any errors by the ERP Magento integration.

Ensures Business Transparency

E-commerce platforms are equipped to generate company financial reports on sales, which outlines the company’s accurate state of affairs ensuring transparency. However, with effective ERP integration with Magento, the merchant’s ability to produce real-time accurate Balance Sheet, P/L Statement, Trial Balance, and Cash Flow further develops. It offers transparency in terms of financial information to the business process and restores trust in the organization.


Security of data and prime information is the biggest concern of any online business. Wondering how the integration of Magento and ERP may help? For every Magento installation that is currently running on https/SSL, the data synchronization between Magento and ERP system will go over this encrypted connection. This ensures that the transition of highly valuable data on both systems is absolutely anonymous and secure. Moreover, this integration also facilitates the independence of functionality on both ends. To elaborate, any breakdown or interruption on either side will almost never impact the functioning of the other side. In order to eradicate duplication and perplexity of entries on either ERP or Magento platform, an integration of systems is crucial. With the help of ERP Magento integration, the system can eliminate the re-entering process, which is the key cause of duplication and data mismatch. The integrated system enhances the overall accuracy factor and also save precious time. Briefly, Magento ERP integration is something all organizations should consider critically if the final goal is to grow and expand the business. An integrated system not only simplifies routine business functions and improves productivity, but also enhances end-user experiences driving additional value to the overall service.

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