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December 17, 2019

eCommerce Trends to
Watch Out For In 2020

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Running an eCommerce business is not an easy task. We understand how difficult it is to bring the customer to the ‘Order placed successfully!’ message. But you can make this simpler by using the future eCommerce trends which are used by giants like Amazon, Walmart, Ikea and many more.

Throughout the time your priority focus must have been on providing- what the customer wants. But in today’s fast-paced world it just does not stop here, it is more of ‘how does the customer want it?’ It is basically about making the customer’s journey easier right from the search query to the after-sales customer support.

Your job starts with a combination of analyzing the customer/buyer behavior and the new emerging technologies in the market.
We have already done this share of the work for you and have come up with the top eCommerce trends to succeed in 2020.
Top 6 eCommerce trends in 2020:


Chatbots & AI- a must include eCommerce trend in 2020

Machine learning and AI have made running businesses simpler by introducing Chatbots. Over a period of two years, the use of chatbots has increased rapidly and has gained popularity in the eCommerce market. It helps in having a better conversation with the customers and sell them the right product.
Customers tend to buy from an eStore that provides always-available customer support not just that but customer engagement is also a big deal in the eCommerce world today.
A chatbot is a cost and timesaving method that saves you from hiring employees and their cost. It also ensures attending every customer which is highly impossible in the traditional practice of customer service.


Google is the New Online Marketplace

Unless you are a very popular brand, customers arrive at your website only via organic or paid searches. So to increase your popularity and visibility, Google has come up with the concept of Google Shopping. The name seems to be like an online marketplace but it is all about smart advertising- Google Ads.
These Ads are also called PLAs (product listing ads) that contain text, images, and product details.
Google Ads are placed on the search page of Google and just a click on the Ad brings the customer to your eStore.


Augmented Reality (AR)

Though online shopping is a craze these days, there is a large set of consumers who tend to buy in the store. The reason being, customers are skeptical about products they can’t see in reality or touch or can feel its quality.
This issue is most likely seen in fashion and furniture in industries. A solution for this is options like ‘try and buy’ where customers can try it on and only buy if they like it after trial.
But the most effective solution for this is- Augmented Reality (AR) which is one of the most emerging eCommerce trends. It gives a preview of the product in a very realistic manner. Biggies like Amazon and Ikea are just excelling with it.
For example, a customer wants to buy a sofa set and is not sure if it would go well with the existing furniture or the interior of the living area. Using the AR feature he can preview the sofa to be purchased virtually in his living area. It helps customers to decide faster and make the purchase right away.


Voice Search Optimisation

Voice search is the new booming technology in the eCommerce market. If the search query is in the form of words, SEO will play its role and the optimized pages of your eStore will show up. But what if the query is a voice request? You still want your page to be in the first three on Google. This is only possible for the websites that have a voice control function that can fetch the voice request.
Voice search optimization is the eCommerce trend that needs to be incorporated in your business.


Progressive Web App (PWA)

Progressive Web App (PWA) is an eCommerce trend that is a web application that creates an app-like experience for users. Since mobile traffic accounts for 60% of the total traffic which has surpassed desktop traffic. Hence, it has become necessary to provide a great user experience on the mobile.
PWA has been proven to be a great success for large companies like Alibaba, Walmart, and Twitter. They have reported twice the conversion rates and an increase in their revenue after the implementation of PWA.
Click here to know more about why you should invest in PWA?


Direct to Customer (D2C)

Direct to Customer or D2C is the new method of doing business online. It means you can sell a product directly to the customer by eliminating all the middlemen like wholesalers, retailers, etc.
This helps to also eliminate the extra charges from the product and it can be sold at a much lesser cost. Customers usually compare places he can get the product at a lower cost.  In this case, the D2C type of business benefits a lot and hence is becoming the new eCommerce trend.


So finally, if you want to run your eCommerce business in profit in 2020, you need to incorporate the eCommerce trends mentioned above.
Trends in eCommerce are getting innovative and creative day by day and in order to be first in the list, you need to practice those. Because if you don’t, your competitors will!

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