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February 18, 2013

Gain Competitive Edge with Integrated
Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Author Jeremy Meyer
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Business today is highly competitive in every industry, including the B2B and B2C sectors. Companies of all types are constantly striving to find ways to pare down costs and increase profits. The easiest and most beneficial way to achieve this goal is to have an eCommerce operation that fluidly works with your existing business. This would allow your business to compete in the global marketplace at all times. Essentially, you are always open, enabling you to increase sales and awareness of your company with minimal effort.

Gaining the Competitive Edge
As important as it is to have an eCommerce presence, it is just as important to have a powerful platform like Magento to provide your operation with the most efficient and productive methods in eCommerce. Integrating your Magento Store with a successful back-end ERP, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, would not only allow you to increase your sales but also to be more productive and cut down costs.

The Signs of a Smooth Running Operation
When you integrate your front and back-end operations, your business will realize increased efficiencies in a variety of functions, including:

  • Immediately processing orders and providing real-time status updates to keep customers informed and the process flowing smoothly
  • The supply chain application is automatically started, creating a planning and execution operation
  • The order information is exchanged in real-time with a supplier or partner who provides the product or service

The Benefits any Business Can Realize
The ultimate business integration that occurs through the use of the powerful Magento platform and a back-end, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, creates incredible benefits for any company, including:

  • Automation of all processes, eliminating human intervention, which in turn increases productivity and eliminates the risk for errors
  • Increase customer satisfaction through the use of the automated systems that offer up-to-the-minute updates for all parties
  • Create a competitive environment through the use of increased productivity, efficiency and automated applications

Overall, businesses can shed the maintenance costs, as well as the time it takes to deal with manual processes, such as entering orders, pricing and inventory information. These manual processes drain the efficiency and profits any business can realize.

How i95Dev Can Help
i95Dev has created the innovative GP Connect to create the most productive way to handle your online and physical store’s business. We have worked hard to create a solution that seamlessly integrates Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP to deliver the most accurate solution available in the e-commerce world.

What Businesses Can Perform
Imagine a world where your pricing, payments, inventory, customer information and orders are all automatically integrated in your front and back-end. Any B2B, B2C and sales portal eCommerce company can utilize our solution to effectively provide a productive, efficient and profitable environment for their business.

Many Clients Have Seen the Benefits
i95Dev has helped many clients effectively realize their potential through the use of GP Connect. We have created many user-friendly websites that utilize the new features, allowing our clients to experience the benefits of real-time integration. The main benefit they all realize is the use of one system to maintain and the ability to have up-to-the-minute information available whenever it is needed.
Create seamless communication and integration between systems, enabling you to increase productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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