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February 18, 2021

How BigCommerce Integrations Can
Automate Your eCommerce Store Sales

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As we advance into 2021, the post-Covid-19 eCommerce boom will continue roping in new online stores. The overall shift towards online buying and harnessing such a gigantic demand surge isn’t possible without automating your web store. Statista finds that the eCommerce market was valued at $4.2 trillion in 2020. Typically, the operational tasks drain a significant amount of time and resources, leaving organizations with lesser capacity to focus on their core business activities. BigCommerce powers more than 30k web stores, and many find it among the top eCommerce platforms for the upcoming years. While it has many built-in sales capabilities like SEO tools, gift cards and coupons, reviews and ratings, shipping quotes on a real-time basis combined with zero transaction fees, and other features that make it attractive, having a BigCommerce ERP integration platform is necessary for automation. In this article, the experts from i95Dev will discuss how BigCommerce integrations help you with sales through automation. Dive in deeper to get more details on the topic:

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What Is A BigCommerce Integration Platform And How It Automates Sales

A cloud-based BigCommerce integration solution helps connect your web store’s front end with the back-end and applications like accounting software, third-party shipping software, warehouse management system, payment gateways, and order processing solutions. It helps automate the tasks required to complete product sales and fulfillment, which would otherwise consume a lot of man-hours. It synchronizes data between the front end and among the various back-end applications to execute operations. 

It automates the entire data entry process, thereby increasing the quality of data acquisition, accelerating data processing, multi-application coordination, and reducing the time needed to complete operational tasks through bi-directional data transfer on a real-time basis. For sales, automation clears all clerical and communication tasks with the help of pre-designed workflows. As a result, your customers can complete their purchase without your involvement, without risking your business to frauds or underselling/overselling. Right from confirming the order and providing real-time shipping estimates to return merchandise authorization, everything is automated so that you can focus solely on your core business activities. 

In the below section, we will have a closer look at how BigCommerce middleware helps automate your sales:

Order Processing 

When a customer decides to make a purchase, the BigCommerce connect fetches the data from the backend to confirm the available quantity and allocate the products to the buyer. The ordered quantity is synced with the warehouse and inventory management systems along with the accounting software. On the other hand, the payment gateway accepts the billing amount from the customer’s bank account/digital wallet or credit card. The entire process is completed on a real-time basis, thus making order processing truly effortless. 

Order Fulfillment

Automated order fulfillment removes the need for manually entering data into multiple applications like accounting software and other back-end solutions. The order picking is scheduled from your warehouse, and the entire material handling is coordinated for quickly handing over the item to the shipper. It also prints the shipping labels and other related documents as per the carrier. If you are using an outsourced fulfillment service provider, they will be notified accordingly. 

Product Bundling And Inventory Management

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Many eCommerce stores prefer using tactics like product bundling and bulk discounts to drive sales. With a proper integration solution, you can expect automated product bundling and ladder discounts as the inventory management system is connected with the storefront. Other benefits include a better understanding of the purchase decisions and preventing stockouts. Maintaining optimal inventory levels and procurement helps improve your bottom line and overall financial health of your web store. These solutions also interweave demand forecasting with the overall inventory control mechanism. 

Customer Service

Collecting feedback and user reviews using email marketing tools is a widely used automation strategy that can help you elevate customer service. Also, using special apps for ticketing, and tracking the complainant resolution helps prevent losing customers. Chatbot integration is one of the most widely used approaches for client servicing. It helps in extending FAQ answers and sending the query to client servicing representatives after grasping initial data. Using solutions like Salesforce becomes imperative once you outgrow a certain sales volume. Having a platform to hold all of these channels together is indeed the best way to scale up. Automating product reviews, grievance redressal, return merchandise authorisation and other tasks significantly improves CX at marginal pricing. 


For marketing, BigCommerce has some great in-built solutions, but it can be tricky to run multiple campaigns using them. It is recommended to use specialized solutions to gather email addresses through legit opt-ins, running email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and coupon codes to get the best results. Also, re-targeting ads and tracking user activity for sending loyalty bonuses becomes easy with automation solutions. Marketing is pretty effortless when using middleware as most of the modules are readily available. It is among the numerous reasons to choose BigCommerce for building your online store.

Summing Up

Setting up a new online store is relatively simple, but customizing it to suit the business’s individual needs requires extensive industry knowledge and technical skills. As both B2B and B2C channels continue to exhibit strong growth fundamentals, we recommend focusing on sales and marketing to make the most out of this opportunity. Automation will play a larger role than ever before as digital buying became normal for newer customer bases, with the overall market sentiment looking bright in the foreseeable future. If you need additional guidance to scale your BigCommerce store, you may contact i95Dev. We hope you find this article on boosting your BigCommerce store sales insightful. 

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