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January 6, 2021

How integrated eCommerce benefits
retailers and wholesalers?

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A decade ago, eCommerce could only be associated with large corporations churning out revenues in hundreds of millions. The past few years, however, have been quite different. Building an online presence has been the cornerstone or is the eventual plan for every business today.

It doesn’t really stop here because it is no more just about eCommerce, but the talk of the town is integrated eCommerce! Everyone out there is looking for an integrated eCommerce solution that usually offers better ROI than custom integration which is implemented in due course.

The intent of writing this piece of content is to bring to notice the key benefits of integrated eCommerce for retailers and wholesalers. It is to make every retailer and wholesaler out there realise why they are falling short of that revenue mark they have been trying to achieve for a long time now.

The answer is simple – They haven’t yet adopted integrated eCommerce!

How integrated eCommerce benefits retailers?

Without a doubt, revenue generation is what every retailer concentrates their resources around. It is no surprise that retailers give preference to nurturing sales over other significant factors that matter a great deal to their customers, such as updated product information, quick shipping, user experience, and a customer journey that is seamless and smooth.

Is there a way to drive sales without neglecting the above factors? Of course, there is – it’s called integrated eCommerce.

Most online retailers fail to realize the importance of an integrated e-commerce approach. Let’s break down the key benefits of integrated eCommerce for retailers:

  • Integrates front-end store and back-office operations to provide a scalable and customizable business setting
  • Offers real-time product, price, and customer information update
  • Provides centralized hub for data to avoid duplication, errors, fragmented processes, and disorganised marketing strategies
  • Helps in managing orders seamlessly from multiple channels
  • Assists in managing and replenishing inventory as and when needed
  • Enhances customer engagement and service
  • Makes order fulfillment more efficient so that your customers receive their purchases quicker
  • Multiplies sales and eliminates overselling and underselling.

With EGE, i95Dev’s integrated eCommerce solution, you can leverage important data from your ERP in real-time.  In the process, you will be able to provide a customer-centric eCommerce experience. In simpler terms, with the help of EGE, you can access real-time inventory information, carry out hyper-personalized marketing, make reordering very easy for your customers, and generate shipping costs swiftly and effortlessly.

How integrated eCommerce benefits wholesalers?

In recent times, modern B2B business owners are turning more flexible and trying to borrow and implement innovative eCommerce features of B2C retail businesses. Over the last few years, leaders in the wholesale industry have recognized that the secret to keep up with customers’ demands is to adopt the most up-to-date, modern capabilities that a web store and ERP integration can offer.

If you wish to streamline your online wholesale business while boosting revenue and minimizing time spent by your employees on every order, integrated eCommerce is what you are looking for! Integrated eCommerce seamlessly connects to your current business software and eliminates the requirement for any double entry that helps you direct the energy and effort of your staff to more important departments.

Let us shed light on the key benefits of integrated eCommerce for wholesalers:

  • Builds trust and credibility – When a B2B customer gets a product price from your staff and another price from your online store, it is pretty bad for your reputation and goodwill. Integrated eCommerce helps you gain buyer’s trust by keeping updated and accurate information 24/7 on your eCommerce store. It enables your B2B customers to check live inventory levels at any given time and effortlessly view the status of their order or shipment.
  • Accuracy all round leads to greater insight – When the flow of data between your online store and ERP system is accurate and reliable, your financial reporting becomes accurate too and empowers your sales team to sell confidently. Not to mention, integrated eCommerce enhances your overall business insight and enables you to manage it without a hitch.
  • Empowers customers and makes them independent – You need to hire employees for constantly feeding information to your customers over call, email, etc. Integrated eCommerce empowers your wholesale customers by providing them direct access to tailored data, price specifics, account overview, and purchase history.
  • Cost-effective inventory management – Being a wholesaler, it is important to plan your purchases accurately and in advance. Along with online sales, integrated eCommerce allows you to update your inventory levels in real-time. In other words, you exactly know products that are selling well, stocks that require a refill, how to avoid underselling and overselling, and how to minimize loss of revenue, in the process.
  • Seamless order fulfilment – Integrated eCommerce automates sales, which means, sales orders are transferred directly from your online store to your ERP system, thereby, reducing errors and saving time and effort. It helps you commence with the order fulfilment cycle instantly and speeds up the turnaround time drastically.

Looking for an integrated eCommerce solution?

i95Dev’s eCommerce Growth Engine is a feature rich multi-channel integrated eCommerce solution, powered by Magento, for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP systems. The solution helps retailers, manufacturers, and distributors drive sales and establish themselves as a global brand; paying not just for itself but for their ERP systems as well.

Contact us now, drop a quick email at to reach our eCommerce experts or call us at 301.760.7499

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