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May 12, 2021

How Shopify Dynamics NAV
Integration Benefits You

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After your Shopify store starts receiving orders frequently, it becomes necessary to implement ERP integration to keep up with the increasing complexities. Dynamics NAV is a forerunner with its comprehensive features, technical superiority, and support availability among all offerings available in the market. It can provide your Shopify store with numerous operational and tactical advantages to help improve your ROI, business agility, and capabilities at large.

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The eCommerce market is forecasted to touch $6.388 Billion by 2024.

Today, we will have a look at various factors that can work to your benefit after the Shopify-Dynamics NAV Integration implementation. This article is curated to be in line with the evolving situations due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s see how you can grow your Shopify store using Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

Which Problems Can Be Solved By Shopify-Dynamics NAV Integration
One of the most common problems any growing eCommerce store faces is getting overwhelmed by the operational processes. Upto a few orders on a daily basis, you can use Shopify’s built-in manual processing features. But, after exceeding a certain threshold, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage operations. Verifying inventory availability, shipping charges on a carrier-wise basis, payment authentication, returns processing, order tracking, and product bundling are among the major problems faced.

All of these activities need to be well-coordinated and properly documented for accounting and auditing purposes. You might have to manually input and maintain multiple databases across departments which ends up with complications due to overlapping data and work duplication. In simple words, each aspect of operations becomes increasingly challenging.

Reduce Buffer Stock And Optimize Inventory Lead Time
With a better estimate of your product consumption rates and sales forecasting features, you can reduce the buffer stock strategically. Dynamics NAV also helps you optimize your lead time calculations and aids in vendor profiling. This will lower your inventory carrying costs and free up your warehouse space of the extra inventory.

In the absence of a fully managed, integrated solution, you will either overstock certain items or constantly face shortages despite good demand. You may also find that old inventory will be piled up at your storage facility, and your staff might be shipping only new stock. You will also be able to use sales data for demand forecasting and estimating EOQs (economic order quantity) for your online business. It also prompts you the list of items that need to be discarded for making space for more profitable items and provides bundling suggestions as well.

Automate Order Processing
Microsoft Dynamics NAV will help automate order processing-related activities. This includes displaying available item quantity, shipping charges, estimated delivery time, payment confirmation, and invoicing on a real-time basis. Shopify-ERP integration can help prevent problems caused due to skyrocketing increase in online sales. You can see the sharp changes that occurred during and after 2020 in the below infographic:

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Automation is the only way to cope up with such a radical increase in demand since online selling involves numerous peripheral activities with each transaction. On the other hand, it gives you the ability to upscale and downscale your operations with virtually zero cost.

Real-Time Bi-directional Data Synchronisation
All activities are recorded in a centralized database through automation and manual entries whenever needed. This eliminates the need for multiple data entries, and it acts as the single source of truth. All human errors are minimized, and your organization’s various departments can work in harmony with each other. The bi-directional synchronization also supports gated access to information for maintaining data fidelity.

This is a great benefit since each process of your eCommerce store is expedited without compromising operational accuracy. The resultant system will provide you with a compounded enhancement of all business processes. Thus, we can consider the benefits availed from the integration to be design-based.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
You can expect a decent increase in customer retention and CX as they are able to benefit from your improvised infrastructure. For instance, your Shopify store’s customers can get the most affordable shipping option thanks to real-time sync. In addition, you can provide them with exciting marketing offers, bundled deals, discount grids, and personalized discounts.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV also provides you with features to automate replacements and refunds as a part of automated service request processing. Thus, you can unlock a lot of client-oriented functionalities using Shopify-Dynamics integration. Also, the pandemic has augmented customer behavior heavily, and this will make improvised client servicing capabilities a necessity in the days to come.

Shopify-Dynamics NAV Connector From i95Dev
i95Dev is one of the most reputable names in the industry, and our Shopify-Dynamics NAV Connector will help you integrate your front-end and back-end with the following features:

  • Pre-designed automation workflows
  • Pre-built connectors that form a universal integration platform
  • Fast implementation cycle and comprehensive training
  • Ready to use template library
  • Robust security
  • Installation on cloud/on-premises server
  • SDK Support
  • EDI and third-party app integration

The integration solution will help you seamlessly manage the operations through full automation, and each of your stakeholders will be able to generate relevant reports. This includes every activity ranging from order picking to product-wise return reports to help manage your business better. We follow a service-oriented architecture (SOA) design approach, and hence, you’ll get a competitive edge. With high uptime and protective security measures, you can be fully confident of running your online business without any problem.

Summing Up
Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a highly potent ERP solution, and it can prove to be an excellent solution for eCommerce stores given its technical functionalities. However, implementing the integration process will require you to find the right vendor for your Shopify store, as its success largely depends on how well the solution is designed to suit your business model. At i95Dev, we have a dedicated team of technical and business process experts for rendering a tailored solution. Drop your inquiry now!

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