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April 15, 2013

HTML5 Development: The New
Language for Mobile Apps

Author Stalin Cruz
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The mobile web has brought about new requirements for developers to create a fluid experience for all mobile users. The advent of HTML5, a more advanced version of HTML, is making it much easier to offer native applications with superior benefits, allowing businesses to create applications on different devices.

Smartphone Apps

You might not even realize it, but many of the latest smartphone apps were developed with HTML5, especially those that utilize video streaming, GPS capabilities and animation. HTML5 gives mobile sites more stability and flexibility without sacrificing speed. It removes the need for users to actually download apps; users can access them directly in their browser without any additional downloads. Perhaps one of the largest benefits is its ability to use a universal code for all devices, making app development much quicker and more efficient.

The Amazing Features

Some of the most well-known and beneficial features are those that make smartphone apps the most beneficial to users. HTML5 enables businesses to offer sophisticated mobile sites that do not rely on Flash, one of the reasons many apps run slowly. The features that can experience higher speeds and more benefits include video and streaming, GeoLocation and touch events. In addition, programmers are able to take advantage of canvas drawing, which enhances graphics without Flash or other time-consuming plug-ins.

A New Look to Mobile Apps

Developers can now store databases and other pertinent information locally, which means offline capabilities are enabled. This furthers the use of the mobile apps without the need for an Internet connection. These HTML5 apps can be accessed through a variety of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers. All platforms are supported in the development, making readability much higher than native applications.

How We Can Help

i95Dev recently announced its HTML5 development service for enterprise customers. Whether you want to develop a new enterprise mobile application or convert an existing enterprise application to HTML5 to realize its many benefits, our experts can help. i95Dev has a large amount of experience and capability in developing HTML5 apps that are cost effective, attractive and successful.

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