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January 29, 2016

Magento 2.0 – Improved Roadmap
for Better Planning

Author AnkitA
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This is our 7th blog in the series on Magento 2.0. In this blog, we will look at the how Magento’s decision to make their product roadmap public will impact merchants, developers, partners and end customers.
If you have not already read our earlier blogs on Magento 2.0, then we encourage you to do that.

Magento Product Roadmap

The Change

  • Unlike in Magento 1.x, where the community had to guess what new would Magento bring in the next release, Magento has committed to releasing the product roadmap every quarter starting from 2016.
  • Some of the important features that are expected to be released in 2016 are:
    • Improved Search,
    • B2B Enhancements,
    • Advanced Marketing & Promotion Engines,
    • Enhanced Analytics,
    • New Magento Marketplace (Magento Connect),
    • New Retail Platforms (OMS and Retail Platform integration), and more.

What this means for Merchants

  • This increased transparency can be a big advantage for merchants. Knowing what’s coming will let merchants plan their investments (new features or fixes) by seeing exactly what Magento has the planned. In other words, merchants will no longer have to worry about buying new extensions or building new features which are already on the roadmap.

What this means for Developers and Partners

  • The same goes for developers and partners. Increased visibility into the roadmap will help developers and partners plan their investments in either enhancing existing Magento features or developing new features (extensions); they can both save costs by avoiding developing features already on Magento’s roadmap or make more money by developing new products around new features they see in the roadmap.
  • The roadmap will also help developers and partners plan and time their marketing promotion of services and extensions for greater impact.
  • Developers and partners can also now better engage with merchants and help them plan their store enhancements.

What this means for End Customers

  • With merchants, developers and partners becoming more streamlined and focused the end customers are guaranteed to see more innovation which will contribute towards building a seamless shopping experience.

Stay tuned for our next blog on Magento 2.0!!

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