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A Definitive Guide to
Understanding the Difference Between eCommerce and ERP

Businesses today are strongly aware of the benefits they can gain from integrating their Dynamics GP system with their Magento online store.

But, decision makers tend to get so caught up with the benefits of the two systems, they seem to ignore the fact that Dynamics GP and Magento are two distinct systems; that were designed to meet very specific requirements. Integration enables these two unfamiliar systems to communicate with each other. However, expecting either system to replace or replicate the other’s functionality is highly impractical.

This eBook highlights the differences between the two systems as well as challenges and limitations encountered during integration. Not just that, you can also take a peek at how i95Dev addresses these challenges with the power of its connect products for the following areas:

Order Fulfillment, Shipment and Invoice

Success Stories

Upgrade to Magento 2 Commerce streamlined operations
Courtesy: ERP Integration

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Magento Store Development & ERP Integration helped automate & optimise business operations
Courtesy: ERP Integration

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Siegers Seed Company has over a century of experience in delivering unique and quality seeds to farmers across the USA.
Magento 2 Migration, POS Integration, Mobile Development

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