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Bestseller Book Announcement: The eCommerce Compass- Proven Strategies For Generating B2B eCommerce Breakthroughs
– by Vanit Kumar, Founder & CEO – i95Dev

Iselin, New Jersey — Dec 15, 2021 – i95Dev is happy to announce that “The eCommerce Compass” – book authored by Founder & CEO- Vanit Kumar, is now a BESTSELLER.

Relying on 20+ years of experience in eCommerce and with over 1000 projects to date, Vanit shares his thoughts on the company’s internal strategies, best practices, and tactics for ensuring the success of B2B eCommerce implementations.

In the journey spanning over two decades, it was noticed how merchants often struggle to identify their challenges. Therefore, there was an absolute need to equip all merchants with a framework that they could leverage to drive things themselves. And the book is an effort towards a larger goal of making eCommerce merchants self-equipped.

The book is an essential read for every small and medium-sized B2B stakeholder looking for the right solution to identify their challenges and layout a build-to-suit framework to subvert diverse challenges in their growth journey.

“In eCommerce, there is no one-size-fits-all implementation.” That’s a piece of good and bad news. It’s bad news because 100% off-the-shelf, turn-key implementations just don’t exist. Unfortunately, you can’t just snap your fingers. The good news is if you get it right, your company can rapidly become a leader within your industry, giving you a formidable competitive advantage.”- Vanit Kumar, CEO i95Dev.

The eCommerce Compass is available for purchase on Amazon USA and Amazon India.

Visit i95Dev for more information.

About i95Dev: i95Dev is a global eCommerce solution provider, a one-stop shop for all your eCommerce and ERP needs. Based out of North America, Australia, and India, i95Dev is an expert in B2B /B2C integrated eCommerce solutions.

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Over 250+ Retailers, manufacturers, and distributors have leveraged i95Dev’s products and solutions to delight their customers and drive business process efficiency while maximizing their ROI. With a strong workforce of 300+ eCommerce enthusiasts worldwide, i95Dev has helped energize digital commerce initiatives of clients globally.


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Iselin, New Jersey, 08830
Phone: 301.760.7499

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