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July 9, 2019

The New Features of
Dynamics Business Central

Author Kasyapa Malladi
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With the spring ’18 updates, Dynamics Business Central features full power of Dynamics 365 to the cloud. Dynamics 365 Business Central is an amazingly adaptable tool and is very versatile to the requirements of businesses, investments, and individual clients. Here is our take on the new features of Dynamics 365 Business Central and how the integration of Magento 2 and Dynamics Business Central can benefit eStore owners.

The key investments Microsoft is making in this release include:

  • A full suite of useful functionality in the cloud
  • A renewed client experience, upgraded for analytics and profitability

Dynamics Business Central Features

1. Financial Management 
This will enable you to connect your company’s information over your entire financial framework, including bookkeeping, deals, procurement, stock, and client relationship. You can bind together your business processes and boost efficiency with automated monetary tasks. The new Dynamics Business Central features general records, work processes, and review updates, referrals, expense plans, bank loans, fixed resources, monetary forms, and so on.

2. Supply Chain Management 
Microsoft has added built-in knowledge in Dynamics Business Central features that will enable you to update your stock by determining the evaluated stock levels, lead times, and reorder points. This will be done of the intrinsic functionalities like sales order management, locations, purchase requests, and warehousing.

3. Customer Relationship Management 
Dynamics 365 is made to organize your deals as per your organization’s earning potential. The included abilities are contacts, campaigns, opportunity management and integration with other CRM platforms.

These CRM functionalities will enable you to rapidly react to any sales inquiries, oversee and gather service requests, and easily process payments.

Consequently, you can grow your sales and increase a total perspective on your inventory management with related information, business intelligence, and insight.

4. Project Management 
Project Management under Dynamics 365 accompanies new estimates, jobs, and real-time insights. You can make, oversee, and track any project. With Dynamics Business Central features, you can settle on fast and information-based choices sponsored by constant bits of knowledge on the project’s status.

5. Operation Management 
Operation management is uniquely intended to proficiently improve your tasks by utilizing the incorporated information. This data will help you effectively gauge sales. You will also get a 360-degree perspective on your stock and can follow transactions and monitor the logistics.
In this way, you will achieve an ideal inventory level and altogether decrease waste by Dynamics 365 Operation management.

Magento and Dynamics 365 Integration Solution
With i95Dev’s Magento Dynamics Business Central Connect, you can adjust information between the two systems continuously without any hassles. This includes information like customer details, orders, product details, payment and shipping data.

Here are the key Integration highlights of Magento Dynamics Business Central:

1. Item/Product Integration
Regardless of whether your product or items are of simple, bundle, configurable or grouped item types, you can get all item information including pictures, unique features, cost or discounts, vouchers against a specific product or product bundle from Dynamics 365 to Magento store.

2. Order/Customer Integration
Irrespective of whether a customer is new, registered or guest, Magento Dynamics 365 Dynamics Business Central Connect can integrate the information from Magento to ERP.

On the off chance that the order is set by an existing customer dependent on the customer id number, another order will be saved in Microsoft Dynamic 365.

3. Stock Management Integration
You can refresh stock/stock levels from Dynamics 365 to Magento store with Magento Dynamics 365 as well as item availability status on ongoing or daily basis.

4. Order and Shipment Status Integration
You can also refresh order and shipment status data through Magento Dynamics Business Central. The connector can synchronize the orders from Magento to ERP and send the status of orders as need be from ERP to Magento, accomplishing a 2-way method for a fruitful fulfillment of order cycle.

5. Payment Integration
Regardless of the payment method you use, this Magento Dynamics 365 integration will match up payment data from Magento to Dynamics 365 ERP framework. You would now be able to check Online Payment Transaction ID and Payment Methods under “Sales Order”.

How does Magento Dynamics Business Central help your business?

  • Magento Dynamics 365 connector cuts order turn-around time drastically while maintaining the data integrity
  • All new sales orders, related customer and pricing details are consequently synced from Magento store to Dynamics 365
  • Any product created or updated in Dynamics 365 is naturally reflected in the Magento store alongside every related detail
  • Allows order and stock management from Dynamics 365 to Magento store
  • Supports bi-directional integration permitting the addition of payments and orders with Magento to your ERP and the other way around
  • Customizable support permits the expansion of any functionality without a problem
  • Remain updated- we ceaselessly update our solutions for the guarantee that product changes don’t disturb your everyday business activities

Advantages of Magento 2 Dynamics Business Central Integration

  1. Eliminate manual information management and maintain a strategic distance from expensive errors
  2. Increase the speed of information trade, improving client service efficiency
  3. Decrease deployment time by using turnkey integration services
  4. Redesign your ERP or include connections (eCommerce, EDI, CRM) easily
  5. Save time and resource to concentrate on your business

i95Dev has helped numerous eCommerce business organizations design and build search capacities to suit their needs. We have profound involvement in strategizing, planning and executing a Magento development lifecycle. We helped many organizations construct personalized ecosystems to suit their needs. The ERPs they use incorporate Dynamics GP, 365, AX, SAGE 100 and SAP B1. We have clients who are on different versions of Magento, both on Community Edition and Enterprise Edition and at various degrees of development cycles. Contact us to know more.

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