January 21, 2013

The Technology Behind
i95Dev SalesForce Connect

Author Stalin Cruz
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Front and back-end integration of the retail operation is a struggle retailers have faced for many years. When retailers choose to use Magento for their eCommerce operations and SalesForce for CRM, problems can arise when they use custom solutions that have no error detection or ability for easy upgrades. For most retailers, starting over is not an option, which makes finding the right solution difficult.

The Packaged Solution

Some retailers worked around the issues with packaged solutions. Out of the box, these solutions seem to have the perfect answer. This is until the individual user implements the programs and requires distinct customizations to meet their unique requirements. The same problem occurs – finding a way to integrate all solutions to work together.

i95Dev Magento SalesForce Connect

The unique extension i95Dev provides in the Magento SalesForce Connect integrates the benefits of Magento and SalesForce CRM. With this solution, users can use the comprehensive customization tools to create real-time connections between Magento and SalesForce and take advantage of customer and product information updates, as well as leads updates.


There are many features any retailer could benefit from with i95Dev Magento SalesForce Connect:
Mapping Configuration between:

  • Account fields in SalesForce with Customer Attributes in Magento
  • Product Fields in SalesForce with Product Attributes in Magento
  • Leads Fields in SalesForce with Contact Us Attributes in Magento

Communication of:

  • Products in Magento sent to SalesForce as Products
  • Product Price in Magento sent to Standard Price in SalesForce
  • Magento Admin New Customers sent to Accounts in SalesForce
  • Magento Front End New Customers to Accounts in SalesForce
  • Magento Cart Page New Customers to Accounts in SalesForce
  • Magento Contact Us Form Data to Leads in SalesForce

Ability to:

  • Set empty options fields for all fields, including Accounts, Products and Leads, with the exception of required fields
  • Update products from Magento to SalesForce
  • Update customers from Magento to SalesForce

i95Dev possesses the experience and knowledge necessary to integrate your accounting system to give you a 360-degree solution to your retail operation. When you streamline your operations, you are better able to focus on the day-to-day operations and growth of your company. It also enables you to gain real-time access to all your information in both systems, as well as reduce your infrastructure and IT costs.
Anyone interested in more information about i95Dev SalesForce Connect can visit our online store or watch our blog for more information.


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