March 9, 2021

Top 5 ways to boost your revenue
with Integrated eCommerce

Author i95Dev Marketing

The intent behind implementing an integrated eCommerce solution is boosting revenue and minimizing costs by establishing operational efficiency.

A well-designed integrated eCommerce model helps you achieve efficiency by:

  • Streamlining the coordination between front-end and back-end operations
  • Having product data centralized, thereby, enabling its usage in multichannel operations.
  • Allowing different systems to reuse product data in several different operations
  • Eliminating the need of manually posting order information as it connects the order management system to the accounting system
  • Providing quick access to customer history and information
  • Referring to past purchases and potentially upselling through an automated system

Many of the leading brands have profited by opting for an integrated eCommerce solution. Brands such as Siegers Seeds, an industry leader for more than a century now, witnessed a 20% growth in order volume and a 30% reduction in order fulfillment time on account of integrated eCommerce.



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