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September 21, 2012

Why Should You Use LightSpeed
POS Integration with Magento

Author Stalin Cruz
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Today it is imperative for retailers to have an eCommerce website in order to compete. Without an eCommerce store, consumers are going to find somewhere else to buy the products that you sell that enables them to purchase them from the comfort of their own home. LightSpeed POS integration with your Magento Store makes it very simple for every store owner to operate their online business without extensive procedures and manual labor involved.
The LightSpeed POS integration with Magento enables store owners to easily upload all necessary data right to their Magento store. These items include products, product descriptions and photos that enable you to sell your products online while remaining integrated with your physical store. LightSpeed POS makes it simple to give consumers exactly what they want, lightening fast shopping without any hassle or time consuming processes.
Integrating your Magento eCommerce store with LightSpeed POS allows you to upload your products and images right to your online store as well as integrates your orders right into your LightSpeed POS system. This fully integrated system allows store owners to eliminate the manual labor of uploading individual products and photos as well as manually updating orders. LightSpeed allows stores to achieve maximum growth and enables to them to stand out from the competition, which is not an easy task in today’s business world.
The integration of LightSpeed POS and Magento enables you to add incredible function to your Magento Community Edition that is only available in the Magento Enterprise edition. For a small investment, you can add the ability to have caching methods in your store that allows your store to create maximum exposure, productivity and sales. To learn more about how integration with LightSpeed POS and your Magento Store can benefit your retail operation, visit our website at

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