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September 11, 2018

3 Things your Boss is looking for in
a Magento Sage 100 integration platform

Author Chris Wilson
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Managing an online store is one hectic job. One of the biggest challenges is to manage accounting, sales, and inventory. Our experience shows that these functions also contribute to the most bugs in the ecosystem. They occur due to the data mismatch amongst two different technological systems. Hence, you need Magento Sage 100 integration platform to handle the relation of your website with the ERP along with other systems.
Sage 100, as most know it, is a business solution with a broad range of accounting packages. It is an on-premises software to handle financials along with operational functions. It helps manage data about financial, sales and distribution parts of the operations. It gives complete visibility of the operations making it easy to build growth strategies.
Magento Sage 100 Connector can help manage a wide array of data points. Some of the benefits are:

  • You can check the management tasks
  • You can track rule-based and job-based activities
  • The integration platform can be deployed quickly
  • Virtually no training is needed for your team to start using this.

Through an integration solution, all you need is to know are what data must be shared with the rest of the systems in the eco-system and the workflow to enable your business.
There are three things to consider while choosing Magento Sage 100 integration.  They are:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Compatibility
  3. The ROI Checklist

Ease of Use:

  • If you have a single platform to handle inventory and shipping

You can have a custom integration solution to suit your immediate requirement. This will help map all the data from Magento to Sage 100. You should be able to achieve this by a one-time deployment of Magento Sage 100 Connect.

  • If you have a multi-channel platform to handle overall operations

The same setup must be flexible enough to include other systems to suit the evolving requirement. When the new eco-systems like POS, marketplace, and CRM gets added, these systems start playing a vital role in the data management. The integration platform must be able to further extend and support any new system in the near future.
The key benefits your boss might want to see can be tailored reports with vital data in real time, reduction in human errors, daily transactions recorded with ease, etc.


Your account transactions and bank reconciliation processes are tedious. There is a need for accuracy with the numbers of your business transactions. Your revenue depends on a number of ways a generating a sale and how you define a sale.
For example, you have an agent who works for you on a commission basis. Your revenue depends on the value of the sale he made for you excluding his commission. If a sale happens via your Magento Online Store, you consider it as a direct sale and the complete value is taken into account.
You need to define the sale and record the value excluding prize of the item, VAT and sales tax. Here you need accurate calculations. Populating these numbers in a spreadsheet or any accounting ERP is a tedious job. These details must be populated on the checkout page (read our blog on how to improve checkout experience) as tax information to the customer. With the help of an integrated setup, you can do this. These aspects will aid you during IT Audits or Govt. Audits.
This data from different systems and departments must be integrated with your current system. It should be compatible with the features available. For example, you get sales numbers from sales CRM, tax and price from another system. You need a solution that integrates these different internal systems.
Your boss wants to see seamless data transactions happening among the internal systems.
i95Dev’s Magneto Sage 100 Connect is more than information synchronization. Our platform can help you increase sales by improving operational efficiency. Our connector lets you decrease the cost involved in operations.  It can integrate with Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, CRM solution like Salesforce and tax automation tool like Avalara.

The ROI checklist:

For any online business, the integration solution’s ROI is in results(read our blog on to grow faster with Sage 100). A few ways in which we can measure these results are:

  1. You can track the inventory (read our blog inventory management with Sage 100) against sales order and order fulfillment. You can send automated reminders to the supplier, shipment vendor, and corresponding departments.
  2. You are able to produce reports on what is selling, by what numbers and who is buying it. This allows a business owner to focus on marketing and growth strategies.
  3. You can easily track the daily transactions. A workable way of generating and linking accounts of respective personnel.

Your boss wants to generate monthly to annual business reports.
He wants to steer the marketing and promoting direction towards the trends. He wants to match his business to the market and customer needs. i95Dev’s Magento Sage 100 Connect helps you achieve business objectives across the teams and departments.
This is what i95Dev Magento Sage 100 Connect does. Our solution is more than a data-mapping tool. Our Magneto Consultants are experienced with cross-functional eCommerce models. We do not compromise on the business workflows. We are here to understand your business. We are ever ready to give you out-of-box solutions to address integration requirements. For more information, contact us at

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