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March 6, 2012

Benefits of Magento
Ecommerce Development

Author Stalin Cruz
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The current market is flooded with various software applications offering the best and unique services. A complete platform with all necessary components and functionality is essential for running a smooth flow of business operations. Most of the e commerce software’s offer several support services but with some limitations which customers are unable to satisfy with it.

Adobe Commerce (Magento) is a flexible, feature-rich e commerce platform with strong web service applications. It is generally used to set up an online store with complete e commerce operations. Magento has taken over the e commerce technology space which provides the best and efficient e commerce solutions. Business entrepreneurs use Magento for their online stores as it provide unique features and benefits for store development. Below are the given benefits & features:

Magento E Commerce Benefits:

1. Open Source
It is free to use open source web development software which does not require any monthly fee like any other shopping cart has. This happens to be a unique feature which leads customers to opt for customized application development services.
2. Extensions & Community
To develop a Magento site is somewhat harder than developing other platforms, but Magento Extensions and the Extension Community have set platform apart from others in developing the site with best features.
Magento contains all the required features such as the shopping cart, catalog management, search, and checkout and administration functions in order to implement a good e commerce store.
1. Admin Interface
Users get the benefit of customer friendly interface with Magento as this is one of the best admin interfaces than any other open source system
2. Flexibility & Conversion
Its flexibility features allow users to modify existing features or add in new ones.
3. Architecture
The basic structure that Magento is built in is excellent which makes a stable reliable platform.
4. Multi Store Functionality
Since it has multi store functionality features, one can have multiple stores online with a single admin panel. Users can view store information using one admin panel control for each store.
5. Live Currency Update
In today’s market scenario, live currency support is very important for every online shopping cart website. And Magento provide this important feature to its users. Magento currency module is directly linked to WebServiceX, which automatically update rates.
6. Easy Spreadsheet Import
This feature is very much helpful for a newly built store, as it is very easy to import a huge list of products in Magento when there is a big list of products to add in the store.
7. User-Friendly
Magento is user-friendly software, as it is very easy for the merchants to create catalog and add images for a product and also can review a product, manage inventory, order, shipment, and can easily set different payment methods.
8. Search Engine Friendly
Magento has inbuilt SEO features which helps to design SEO friendly online stores very easily.
9. Marketing and Promotional tool
Magento has many marketing and promotional options like Up-Sells, Cross-sell and many more to increase order value and in this way it works as a marketing and promotional tool.
10. Out-of-the-box Features
Magento have really out of the box set of impressive features.
11. Regular Updates
With Magento, you can confidently expect a new release, packed with bug fixes and probably a few new features, every few months.
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