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July 20, 2012

Experience the Customization and
Unique Qualities of Magento Enterprise

Author Kevin
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Magento is known world-wide as one of the most versatile eCommerce platforms. Available in a free, basic edition, as well as the fee-based Enterprise edition, the features of both versions of Magento are highly sought after by online retail stores everywhere. The pure scalability and flexibility of Magento is what has made it so popular.
The Enterprise edition of Magento offers many features any eCommerce store would need. With the ability to customize its sophisticated features and add innovative customizations, eCommerce stores everywhere would benefit from this latest edition.
The i95Dev team has an experienced team of developers who specialize in Magento integrations and implementations. Our team has come up with some of the most innovative and useful customizations for Magento Enterprise. A few of the innovative customizations our team has come up with include:

RMA – Return Merchant Authorization

The retail business warrants the ability to accept returns. Our team has created a feature in Magento Enterprise that creates a numbered authorization that is provided by the mail-order merchant, which makes for easy returns for consumers.
RMA – Return Merchant Authorization

RMA Authorized

RMA Authorized

Sale Price

Running an eCommerce retail store requires the ability to discount certain items on certain days. With this feature, the merchant can easily make the discounts possible, helping to increase sales and revenue in a few simple steps.
Sale Price
Custom Sale Price

Gift Cart

This customization allows the gift product to simultaneously generate vouchers in RMS and Magento.

Magento Free Gift Product

Filling the Configure Product information in Magento

Gift card product General information in RMS

Gift card product General information in RMS

Product Matrix

This feature designed by i95Dev offers merchants the ability to showcase several different sizes and colors; this allows each product to reach a larger target audience.

Product Matrix Magento

Create Attributes

Product Matrix Magento Extension
Magento Product Matrix Shipping
Our expert i95Dev designers know exactly how to come up with the right customizations to make Magento Enterprise exactly what your eCommerce store needs. The flexibility and ability for customization makes Magento Enterprise the perfect solution for any eCommerce store.

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