July 16, 2011

i95Dev Magento Google
OpenID Integration

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i95Dev Magento OpenID Integration

Product Highlights

Ability to login into Magento from Google –
Customer can login in to Magneto by using Google login, No need to register in Magento again.
Ability to get customer information from Google to Magento store
Get customer details directly from Google , i95Dev openID integration extension automatically allows you to view customer information after they login.

Quick Overview

i95Dev openID integration is a Magento extension that enables user to log in through Google open ID. Customer information can be tracked using Google ID. This extension provides simple authentication using Google openID. Further, the information tracked from Google will be displayed in orders.

Screen Shots

Admin Panel

Google OpenID Integration - Admin Configuration Page

i95Dev OpenID Integration - Admin Configuration Page

Login Page

Google OpenID Integration - Login Page

i95Dev OpenID Integration - Login Page

Checkout Page

Google OpenID Integration - Checkout  Page

i95Dev OpenID Integration - Checkout Page

Know more about the extension

OpenID extension will make it possible for customers to use their OpenID account to log in and buy from a store without any prior registration.OpenID is an open decentralized standard for user authentication and access control.This OpenID feature we are using on Login page as well as on checkout page.
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