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March 5, 2012

Integrating Magento with
Microsoft Dynamics RMS and GP

Author Luke Walker
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As a business owner, you may be considering Magento integration with ERP or Magento integration with Dynamics or Magento integration with RMS, or Magento integration with Great Plains. All of these efforts can be worthwhile and will provide your business with new opportunities for growth.
i95Dev team has now made it seamlessly possible to integrate Magento Commerce with Microsoft GP or Great Plains. This integration allows real-time communication between the two systems with information such as customer data, inventory data, product data, order status information, and information on customer groups. In addition, orders placed on Magento Commerce will be updated on Microsoft GP in real time, as will customer information, eliminating the need for data entry by an employee who might inadvertently introduce errors.
Magento integration with Great Plains also allows customers to enter multiple addresses – for instance, different shipping addresses or a different shipping and billing address – and update an existing address, which will all be provided from Magento to GP in real time. With Magento integration with Great Plains, customers will also be able to track not only online orders but also in-store purchases and returns as well. Finally, all data transfers are encrypted so you can feel secure knowing that none of your company’s information will make it into the hands of your competitors.
Magento integration with dynamics RMS, or retail management system, which is a point-of-sale application, is another worthwhile option to explore. This user-friendly system will, among other things, prevent your employees from having to do the same thing twice. Magento integration with RMS will also provide you with a framework for updating information that includes customer mailing and billing addresses, inventory stock, and shipment tracking.
You may also wish to explore Magento integration with other ERP, or enterprise resource planning. ERP systems are generally run from a single database that houses such information as manufacturing data and financial projections. It is eminently possible to successfully integrate the single ERP system with the Magento’s modular structure.
Magento has much to offer your business. Magento integration with ERP or Magento integration with RMS, and Magento integration with Great Plains are all worth exploring. Whether you choose one or all of these features, you will be helping your business run more smoothly.

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