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September 7, 2012

LOOK BOOK – The Latest Magento
Plug-in Created by i95Dev

Author Stalin Cruz
Category Blog | Magento |
Consumers want to know the latest trends, news and discounts that are available. If your eCommerce website does not showcase these items where they are easily seen, then you could be missing out on a large portion of your potential sales. An interactive web interface is essential to your company’s success, especially if you own a footwear or apparel site, because as everyone knows, the trends change on a weekly or monthly basis. Rather than leaving your website stagnant with the same information all of the time, you need to constantly update it with the latest trends, events and sales. This is the exact reason that i95Dev is creating the LOOK BOOK plug-in for Magento.

The LOOK BOOK plug-in is a picture gallery of associated products that are meant to gain the consumer’s attention. This Magento plug-in will give you a way to showcase multiple trends, events, sales or other newsworthy notions all at once. LOOK BOOK will constantly update your products that are showcased, allowing you to have an up-to-date website that keeps up with the latest trends and news, keeping your customers informed in real-time.

i95Dev has created this plug-in on Magento Enterprise as an additional customization to help your store stand apart from the competition. As an added benefit LOOK BOOK can also be used in the open source, community version of Magento. A few of the functions you will realize from this new plug-in include exceptional promotion of your chosen products, and ease of use on the back-end for administration to upload pictures and SKU numbers to the gallery. You can also create multiple galleries to further the enhancement of this plug-in. If you would like more information about the latest plug-in that i95Dev has created for Magento in order to increase your sales and customer traffic, visit our website at or contact our team for more information.

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