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April 16, 2013

Magento Enterprise 1.13 Upgrade
Offers Amazing Benefits

Author Luke Walker
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Magento Enterprise 1.13 was released at the Magento Imagine 2013 Conference last week in Las Vegas, and it brings with it a wide variety of enhancements that will benefit large businesses, as well as those that expect superior growth in their future. The end goal of the new Magento edition is to give businesses the capability of handling even more traffic and purchases, while at the same time making the back-end easier to handle.

New Features

Magento customers are now able to take advantage of a vast number of features that include decreased costs combined with more efficient load times. This means they will be able to provide more enhanced customer service, along with higher levels of quality control. Customers will also be able to enhance how they customize their Magento to provide the end users with all the pertinent capabilities they require. In addition, customers will realize the following features.

Faster Indexing

Magento Enterprise now has faster indexing, which enables businesses to add or change product information more often. The changes will not have any impact on the existing URLs, promotions, menus or search capabilities. The incremental indexing that Magento Enterprise 1.13 introduces enables you to keep your site up-to-date at all times without making your customers aware of when those updates or changes are being made.

Better Caching

With higher caching capabilities, businesses can load high volume pages without any issues with loading times or causing customer frustration. Content will now be cached quickly without having any impact on how the site loads on the customer’s end. More efficient caching also makes it possible to handle a greater number of customers without overwhelming your back-end operations.

Faster Checkout

With lower loading times for pages, placing orders and checking out becomes much faster and more efficient. When you are able to offer faster checkout, you automatically increase customer satisfaction, improving the percentage of repeat customers and referrals.

Increased Tax Support

Magento Enterprise 1.13 increases the tax support by decreasing the risk of rounding offsets and giving greater tax accuracy. It also includes more tax support for Canadian tax purposes.

Many More Improvements

Magento customers will be excited to see more than 350 functional improvements to the program. These improvements were made in the eCommerce store, order creation, web API, shopping cart and payment methods.

How i95Dev Can Help

Let the experts at i95Dev take your eCommerce Store to the next level with an upgrade to Magento Enterprise 1.13. If you do not have a store yet, we can help you get started on the right foot. When you contact us, one of our experts will discuss the best way to get your eCommerce business ready for the upgrade, including backing up your database and current customizations. You can rest assured that if you are upgrading, it will not affect your current system. You will experience no downtime, only an enhanced experience for you and your customers when the process is complete.
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