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August 8, 2013

Magento Integration Series:
Integrating Magento with CRM

Author Jeremy Meyer
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The second blog post in the Magento Integration Series talks about the benefits of integrating your Magento e-commerce store with your CRM System to better manage customer data, improve customer experience and ultimately increase sales.
Customer Relationship Management has always been a critical aspect of a successful venture’s business model. In today’s marketplace, CRM has grown even more critical.

  • CRM systems are an important tool for keeping track of client needs and buying patterns.
  • Knowing, tracking and planning for customer needs contributes greatly to bottom line profits for a company.
  • A CRM system must be integrated with each piece of a company’s system if it is to be optimally useful in the sales process.
  • Leveraging CRM technology optimizes organization and synchronizes sales and marketing activities, resulting in a smooth flow of the sales process. Without a good CRM model in place, companies risk contacting clients and prospects with irrelevant, disjointed and overlapping sales messages.

CRM e-commerce integration is an invaluable tool for gaining market intelligence and planning successful sales campaigns. Understanding your company’s e-commerce dynamics and tracking patterns is key.

Popular CRM Systems for Magento:

  1. :, the most popular and well-known of the CRM systems, is a cloud marketing platform. Salesforce CRM addresses most customer interface concerns, from sales and marketing to customer service, streamlining the sales process to create better communication between sales people and marketing departments.
  2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM : MS Dynamics CRM optimizes business procedures to create a personalized marketing campaign for each customer. Tracking tools help nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty. Microsoft Dynamics is designed to keep pace with clients and scale a company’s message to their changing needs over time.
  3. SAP CRM : As with Microsoft Dynamics, SAP CRM provides a 360-degree view of customer behavior. With SAP 360 CRM, businesses develop a better understanding of customer habits and have the tools to more accurately predict purchasing behavior. SAP monitors and analyzes social media sentiment and is instrumental in proactive engagement online.
  4. SugarCRM : SugarCRM is a leader amongst open source CRM software providers. Over half a million users rely on it to effectively manage their sales and marketing programs, increase customer retention and create business applications.
  5. vTiger : vTiger is a dynamic open source code customer relationship management system that offers a variety of services to small and medium sized business. The vTiger modules can be customized, modified and integrated with other applications.

Features and Benefits of Integration
For CRM systems to be effective, they have to be populated with accurate data. Because brands interact with customers through multiple channels, data is transferred from each of these channels to the CRM manually, which is not only a time-consuming process but also prone to error. Hence, it is vital to integrate your existing CRM system with these systems.

i95Dev has addressed this concern by integrating CRM with Magento e-commerce, ERP systems and online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. CRM Integration with Magento E-commerce is a powerful tool for growing your existing business and creating new business.
Why Magento?

  1. Magento is flexible.
  2. Magento is open source.
  3. Magento is the best e-commerce platform available and continues to improve.

Integrating a CRM solution with Magento e-commerce adds direction, resulting in value to your customer-facing activities. For example, giving sales representatives access to inventory data through a CRM solution allows for faster responses when addressing customer queries related to order processing and fulfillment. Customers like knowing exactly when they can expect delivery.

Reasons for Integration

CRM Integration with Magento promises the following benefits and more:

Customer & Leads:

  • Sync customer information from Magneto to CRM Systems and vice-versa.
  • A bi-directional sync enables consistency across multiple data channels.
  • Customer representatives can access updated customer information and better anticipate customer needs.

Orders & Invoices:

  • Sync all customer order information in Magento and CRM systems.
  • Information includes product orders, shipping information and payment information.
  • Sales reps can track the order status.

Product & Inventory:

  • Magento will sync all product information between CRM systems with updated product and inventory information.
  • Your customer representatives can use this information to cross-sell and up-sell related products to customers.


  • With integration in place, organizations possess keener insights into key customer processes to produce more accurate sales forecasts, as well as foresee potential issues.
  • Knowing a customer’s interest is key in knowing when to offer deeper discounts, float promotional offers and suggest loyalty programs.
  • Marketing and sales representatives will have consolidated and up-to-date information for all marketing and sales campaigns.

The i95Dev Solution

i95Dev is a leading system integrator for Magento.
Our unmatched experience in integrating Magento stores with CRM systems can unravel and make sense of your customer database. Magento CRM integration services manage your data to allow you to offer superior customer service, resulting in a reputation of credibility that creates customer loyalty. An investment in operational efficiencies creates greater revenues and a stronger bottom line due to less waste from duplicated efforts.

Magento integration with any of the above CRM system will propel your business to a new level of success. If you want to streamline your entire business process to maximize your profits through integrating your customer databases and more fully understanding your client base, please contact i95Dev

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