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August 23, 2013

Magento Integration Series:
PIM Integration with Magento

Author Jeremy Meyer
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Product Information Management (PIM) is a critical component of many commercial enterprises. The ability to track real time data about the entire collection of a company’s products and distribute them to multiple portals like websites, ERP Systems and electronic data feeds is essential to customer satisfaction, but also provides a comprehensive overview of organizational activity.

PIM systems allow customers to access the most accurate pricing and availability information, while reducing costs related returns, diminished customer service, and loss of customer due to dissatisfaction.

From an enterprise network standpoint, PIM systems are widely distributed systems with feeds from a variety of channels including ecommerce stores, brick and mortar outlets and warehouses. A robust PIM system can facilitate sales, improve the purchasing experience and help management identify potential bottlenecks in the supply chain. One of the most important strategies for companies is Magento integration with Product Information Management which can yield increased traffic to an online portal by facilitating the sales process.
Popular PIM Systems Used in Conjunction with Magento
Product Information Management integration with Magento can be implemented with many popular PIM applications:

  • Order Motion—The integration of Magento with Order Motion, one of the world’s premier order management systems including its flagship product PIM Plus is easily accomplished. Once integrated, your organization can more easily gather data across channels and display them instantly across your enterprise.
  • Pimcore—As an industry leader, Pimcore has created the first PHP open source PIM application framework on the market. Its PIM system utilizes web services and content integration technologies to store product information and distribute it to Magento and other ecommerce platforms.
  • Heiler—This outstanding PIM system was developed by Heiler to limit errors in data collection. A widely trusted authority on PIM systems for organizations who demand the highest quality and accuracy, Heiler can be seamlessly integrated with Magento.
  • Riversand—The PIM system offered by Riversand is one of the most effective at limiting costs and bolstering ecommerce sales through rich and detailed product content. Effective integration with Magento retains this robust functionality while adding additional features.

Need for Magento and Product Information Management System Integration
Despite the many advantages that a PIM system can provide to an enterprise, there are challenges to using them. Although PIM systems collect product information and stores them in a central database, many of these systems do not necessarily distribute them to many of the online sites you may require. Integration of the popular ecommerce platform Magento and some of the most popular PIM systems can be a daunting task. Without the proper integration tools, your company may have to resort to transferring pricing and other product information by hand.

The integration tools from i95Dev eliminate the gaps between your PIM system and Magento. Using PIM systems, the instant you collect product data, it can be displayed on your online store, eBay or Amazon. This information is also instantly distributed to your CRM, ERP and POS applications. With more than 150,000 Magento users, many of whom still rely on primitive data distribution systems, i95Dev strives to cut the costs commonly associated with imperfect PIM and Magento integrations.
Points of Integration

  • Products—By bridging the divide between Magento and your PIM system, you will boost sales through more agile management of product information on Magento storefronts.
  • Configurable Products—You can link product variants to a single product display page, limiting the need for consumers to shuttle between pages. Magento integration with PIM allows the importation of bulk data and distribution to portals across your organization.
  • Marketing—PIM system integration with your online store allows you to more easily produce dynamic catalogs which can link to online images or videos.

Benefits of Integration

  • Boost Sales—The greatest advantage in integrating your PIM system with Magento is the more streamlined and pleasurable experience of shopping and purchasing. This time saving process coupled with greater customer satisfaction translates into more repeat customers and more sales.
  • Greater Product Information Accessibility—Not only will your customers have greater access to real time information about products, but your sales and customer service representatives will be able to offer the latest product information like product variants and package deals, thus enriching the customer interaction and engendering customer loyalty.
  • Organizational efficiency—An integrated PIM and Magento system allows an enterprise-wide perspective that allows greater recognition of organizational weaknesses. Your company no longer has to use two sets of parameters between in-store and online distribution channels. As sales increase, products also accelerate through the sales pipeline.
  • More successful marketing—Having the most current pricing information allows your marketing personnel to utilize the most powerful search engine optimization and other tools with accurate data. This limits disappointment in customers and facilitates sales conversions.

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