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June 26, 2012

Magento Integrations
Open up a Whole New World

Author Stalin Cruz
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Magento Integrations Open up a Whole New World
The popularity of the eCommerce platform, Magento, has been growing immensely. Businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of its many features and integrations to create an online presence that sets them apart from the competition. Magento is the number one source to help businesses grow their potential as well as their revenue.

Magento makes it possible for companies to have both a physical store and an online store and manage them together with real-time updates. Their latest integrations have made it possible for stores to operate the management of all aspects of both stores seamlessly.
The common denominator between all of the integrations that have taken place in Magento is an improved customer experience. What does this mean for businesses? It is an all around improvement, in both the front and back-end of the store, increasing productivity and reducing costs. Magento makes it easy to operate any store online or offline easy as well as profitable.

With 3rd party integrations including CRM, POS, ERP, payment processing, accounting, shopping and logistics it is easy for customers to shop online and companies to manage their stores effortlessly. Companies also have the option to customize the features that they need in order to have a successful online presence. This allows companies to build the type of store that its customers need and want, allowing you to take a larger part of the market share.

The latest integrations have also added marketing tactics to pull in even more customers. Take advantage of the shopping cart abandonment features and buyer assurance mail marketing to bring more customers in. The multitude of integrations provided by Magento makes it simple to have a business that is successful and easy to operate and manage.

Our experts at i95Dev excel at integrating Magento with other platforms to maximize the simplicity of your company’s operations as well as your company’s profits. See how we can help your company today.

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