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August 5, 2013

PHP Makes Magento the Most
Desired eCommerce Platform

Author Matt
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The Zend PHP and MySQL support makes Magento one of the best options for many users, making it one of the top ecommerce software in the world.
The online market is flooded with various ecommerce carts that are designed to make selling online easier. However, Magento shopping cart software continues to be the most dominant option on the market. The reason for this is actually quite simple; the Zend PHP and MySQL support makes Magento one of the best options for many users, making it one of the top ecommerce software in the world.

Why Is the PHP So Important?

PHP is an open source scripting language used on the server side with a primary function of web application and service development. Even though it is a fairly simple language, it offers a host of features for users.
Explore the advantages of using PHP:

  • Stability, Flexibility and Speed – Website owners need stability, flexibility and speed to best serve their customers. PHP provides all three of these desired features.
  • Open Source – Open source software is beneficial because it is often cheaper and can be completely customized to meet each business’s needs. PHP is free for anyone to use under the PHP General Public License. The other software associated with this language, including MySQL, Text Editors and the Apache Server, are also free to use, making it a favorite among web developers.
  • Cross-Platform – PHP is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and also offers cross-platform support, making it operationally efficient. Scripting with PHP allows you to run programs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Solaris, among others. It also easily operates on services, such as Apache and IIS.
  • User-Friendly – PHP is extremely user-friendly, giving users the flexibility they require. Programs can be developed at high rates of speed, cutting down on wait times for users.
  • Extensions – Because PHP is open source, there is a large library of extensions available to help users customize their experience. Many of these extensions are free to download and enhance the core features of the language. Users can also create their own custom extensions and components, furthering the flexibility of this language.
  • Security – PHP offers protection against fraud and malicious attacks. The security features can easily be modified by changing the .ini file.
  • Community Support – PHP offers an incredible system of community support. This community discusses all new modifications and extensions and offers solutions to common problems, benefiting all users.
  • Embedding – PHP can easily be embedded in HTML code. This makes it extremely easy to convert an existing website into a Magento online store.

All these advantages make PHP the most desirable scripting for web developers to use. This scripting language enables developers and individuals to create a dynamic website that encourages visitor participation. More customer participation increases the company’s bottom line. Because Magento utilizes PHP, it naturally gains these advantages as well, making it one of the most desired and top ecommerce software in the world.

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