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May 30, 2012

Social Commerce Is An Incredible Tool
That Retailers Should Not Pass Up On

Author Charlie Brown
Category Blog | eCommerce Marketing |

Retailers have been using their websites to sell their products for as long as the Internet has been around, but now that the world has accepted and devoted their time to social media, it is time for retailers to take advantage of that. There is room to grow. Only 8 percent of purchases made in the US were made online. That means that eCommerce is nowhere near its maximum growth potential.

Retailers are now starting to recognize the value of social media and how getting involved with social media and social commerce can help market their business. Retailers are also now discovering the beauty of selling items on social media sites. Retailers understand that social media is something that people enjoy using and love, but then they are told that they can sell on social media? What kinds of social media allow you to sell? There are quite a few ways to sell on social media sites that are pretty useful. Before retailers are to think about what kind of social media they want to work on, they should understand these two types of social commerce:

1.Social media on eCommerce platforms, a market where items are sold and also have a way for customers to interact with each other giving feedback and information about the products they are about to purchase and on top of that, the retailer that sells those products.
2.The second kind of platform is eCommerce on social media platform. One of the examples of that would be the new Facebook store. When there is a social platform people are already on and they see an advertisement for something they like, they can just click on it and purchase and not leave the social media site.

Here are a few things to remember before reading about social commerce and how it can make your future brighter: social commerce is truly about the people, not the technology. There are no set rules on how to use social commerce for your benefit but getting some support through the process is a great idea.

Facebook Store

Facebook has over six hundred million people on their social media site. Yes, six hundred million people! Even if your page views do not reach 1/10th of the number, your page is still visible through many other ways. However, now Facebook has made it possible for you as a retailer to sell your products on their site. Right now Facebook does not take anything out of your sales on their site, making the process cost nothing to you. There are a lot of apps you could use but which app is the right one for you to use and why? The questions seem to be endless. Through Facebook’s platform, businesses can reach quality and relevant customers. Because of the very nature of the site, users provide specific self-information, such as likes, hobbies, even age and gender. This allows companies to target users that will be most relevant to their ad sales.


Groupon is a website where customers have a chance to get an incredible percentage off their product. However, the only catch is there must be a particular number of people that signed up for the product discount. While this sounds like a huge opportunity for your customers, it is also amazing for retailers because of the amount of traffic groupon can generate to your site. If your product was on sale, people are going to go to your website to check out what is that they can get from your store in-terms of discounts and promotions. While this might be a big cut in your profits, you can limit how many customers can sign up for the deal. Sometimes this is a great idea for things you are trying to get rid of and can’t seem to get people to buy.

Twitter Coupons

Using Facebook for advertising is a no brainer, but some retailers have not thought about using Twitter to send out coupons. Some retailers will create a profile and make their tweets only visible to people that follow them. When you do that, you’re able to come up with some way to give your customers “incentive

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