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March 14, 2013

7 Best Ways to Increase the Speed
of Your Magento Site

Author Mark Johnson
Category Blog | Magento |
Magento is the choice of many eCommerce establishments because of its vast number of features and incredible flexibility. One problem many businesses run into, however, is the lack of speed Magento offers. Luckily, there are a variety of ways you can increase the speed of your eCommerce Store, while taking advantage of the many benefits Magento has to offer.

  • Optimize Random Disk Access Speed – This can be achieved by purchasing faster disks, as well as mapping a portion of your system memory.
  • Use Custom Plug-Ins – There are a variety of plug-ins you can use to maximize the speed of your Store.
  1. Enhance .htaaccess: Developers can delve into the .htaccess file to configure it to turn on the sections in this file that enable faster speed.
  2. Output Compression Is Necessary: Compress the output that is coming from your server before it is sent out over the network to increase speed.
  3. Expires Headers: Expires headers are what allows the browser to run faster because it stores certain portions of your webpage in the cache. This means the next time the customer visits your site, it will load much faster than the first time.
  4. Disable Entity Tags: Entity tags are used to match the cached components. Disabling ETags enables your page to run much faster by decreasing the amount of bandwidth required and time for the server to load.
  5. Flat Catalog Enabling : In order to create a simplified version of the catalog, especially those with many products, it is vital to enable flat catalog to store customer and product data.
  6. Combine All Files into One Group: Consumers do not want to wait for websites to load, especially if there are a lot of images or videos. A CDN server can help the media files load much faster, giving you a better chance to win over your visitors.
  7. Compiling Magento: Bring all the important components of your Magento store to the forefront of your server to enable much faster loading for your visitors. Before you compile, however, you should ensure you have the version of Magento you desire because you cannot upgrade once compilation is complete.

Using these tips, along with the expertise i95Dev can offer your business, you can increase the speed of your web Store, enabling you to provide excellent customer service and increase your ability to convert browsers into buyers.


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