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June 12, 2012

Benefits of Integration Between
Magento and Microsoft Dynamics RMS

Author Jeremy Meyer
Category Blog | Integration | Magento |

The importance of Magento and RMS integration lies in the fact that this integration provides an automated integration between Microsoft Dynamics RMS and ecommerce by integrating using a web service layer between the two applications. This user-friendly integration between Microsoft Dynamics RMS and Magento, among other things, prevents your employees from having to do the same thing twice.
Magento and RMS integration comes with major benefits like it allows the Off-line customers to access the online store for their purchases. It further leads to reduction in the cost evolved since all the cost associated with man-power, systems, licenses and time can be reduced using this extension.

One of the major real time benefits that you get to enjoy is that the information is updated real-time; hence customer information is available both in Magento or Microsoft Dynamics RMS at any given point of time. One gets to access the most updated information online and hence serve your customer in a better way! Not only will your customers, your employee’s would be happy too – as you will stop asking them to do the same thing twice!

At i95Dev we provide you the ultimate solution which enables web Stores of all sizes to implement a comprehensive end-to-end data synchronization between Magento Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics RMS. Our Magento RMS connect comes with features which provide you with exquisite benefits like Automatic and bi-directional seamless data movement and Elimination of manual data entry process. If you want to prevent data input errors and Get real-time inventory status updates i95Dev’s Magento RMS connect is the apt solution for you. You can also Track data easily and quickly access the accurate information. Our solution has reduced the human intervention, thereby saving time and money.

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