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June 29, 2016

Conversion and control takes center
stage with Magento edition 2.1

Author Vishnu
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To survive in the current ecommerce ecosystem; it certainly takes a lot more than a robust ecommerce platform that showcases an awesome catalog of products. The role of ecommerce platforms in harmony with content and marketing efforts of e-retailers (long established as points of influence) plays a key role in conversion.
The enhanced features offered by the all new edition of Magento 2.1 substantiates just that. This version drives –

  1. Accelerated marketing efforts through content optimization, product promotion campaigns.
  2. Scope for enhanced productivity and growth with focus on superior customer experiences.

Here is a round-up of what is in it for business owners;
Get self-sufficient managing your magento storeContent stage and preview (only enterprise)
Easy to stage and preview of content modifications; you get to schedule practically any change on your web store! A wide range of content updates such as product updates, categories, CMS content pricing and promotions can be independently monitored; changes can be previewed by date or “store view” later. Dashboards which extend visibility into all scheduled site changes along with updates that are automatically published and removed at scheduled times have been introduced.
Effective search with “elastic search”- (only enterprise)
Worried about search results with voluminous catalogs? “Elastic search “replaces Solr in this edition; it is a lot simpler to set up and can scale up with increase in numbers. With multiple language support and cutting edge search algorithm; this feature is every merchandisers dream come true!
More power to PayPal! – (for both enterprise and community)
But of course shoppers leave your e-store with a complicated check out system. This edition includes a very unique PayPal feature with simplified design that leads to speedy payment completion thereby increasing chances of conversion. The credit cards facilitate repeat purchases by allowing merchants to securely store credit card information thus avoiding re-entry of data during checkout /reorder from the admin interface.
Simpler PCI compliance- (for both enterprise and community)
The fields hosted by Braintree (a subsidiary of PayPal) can now secure sensitive payment information in the checkout phase facilitating merchants to qualify for the simplest basic set of PCI compliance requirements effortlessly. Merchants can now retain complete control over their checkout style and layout owing to a design change implemented in Braintree hosted fields. Braintree settlement reports have also been available within the Magento Admin.
“Friendlier “management interfaces – (for both enterprise and community)
This facilitates creation of new products, categories CMS content or simply set up global search synonyms, this edition actively aids faster and easier search for information in the admin with an improved interface.
Hassle free “cloud” deployment –
Step away from worrying about infrastructure and its impact on your store performance and definitely the related costs! Simply focus on providing superior brand experiences with this edition of an all new highly customizable scalable yet secure magento store. Magento 2.1 provides you with the flexibility of deploying your site in whichever environment that suits you; including cloud, hosted or an on-premise set up.
Note -This edition also includes additional features that improve the security of the magento application to help protect the application from unauthorized access to both customer and administrator level controls.
Magento 2.1 edition does sound promising on a lot of levels with respect to delivering path breaking ecommerce experiences in the context of the user as well as business owner.
You may want to read up a lot more on feature specific information @ – enterprise – community

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