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October 18, 2013

Improve Your Ecommerce Checkout
in Eight Simple Ways

Author Charlie Brown
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In ecommerce, the checkout process plays a crucial role in increasing sales. Many visitors start the process, but somewhere in the middle, they abandon their carts. Poor design and complex registration processes increase cart abandonment and negative sales. To ensure successful completion, checkout should be easy and streamlined to eliminate distractions and motivate customers to make purchase.

Eight important ways to improve the ecommerce check out process:

1. Easy Navigation

If you have an ecommerce website, the entry to the checkout page should be clearly visible and approachable with logical navigation. Customers should be able to navigate back and forth within the checkout to view and edit all steps in the process with ease.

2. Easy Registration

Most companies with ecommerce websites require customers to register or login during checkout. This allows them to collect valuable customer data and makes it easier for repeat customers to make future purchases on the website. However, it is important to make the registration process as simple as possible. Allow your customers to register with their favorite social media account like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as opposed to registering separately on the site. Social login also reduces shopping cart abandonment and increases sales on ecommerce websites.

3. Upsell and Cross Sell

Before check out, there should be a summary of all the products added to cart. This is the view cart page and is a good place to suggest additional items for purchase that are related to the included products. Showing related products and products that can be bundled for a discount can increase conversions and the final amount spent by the customer.

4. Progress Bar

A typical checkout process consists of several steps. To decrease cart abandonment, it is important to display a progress bar that clearly indicates the number of steps involved in the entire process. A well designed progress bar should have the steps clearly labeled, highlight the current step, and give customers a clear indication of the remaining number of steps.

5. PCI DSS Complaint

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) were put in place to make it more difficult for people to steal credit card information and commit fraud. By showing the PCI DSS compliance logo or using a payment service that does so, you are giving further reassurance to customers that their information is safe.

6. Offer Multiple Delivery

Delivery time plays a crucial role in online purchase, and it is one of the reasons why consumers abandon their carts during checkout instead of completing their purchases. Try and offer more than one delivery option to consumers during check out. For example, you can offer cost saving options to those customers who want to save money and faster delivery options for those who need their products within 24 hrs.

7. Free Shipping

It has been observed that online shoppers often won’t complete their orders unless free shipping is a part of it. Free shipping is another way to allure customers into making more purchases and completing the checkout process. Free shipping also improves ecommerce conversions.

8. Trust Symbols

Customers need to be reassured that once they enter their credit card information it is not going to get lost or stolen, and they will not be the victims of fraud. Using trust symbols and icons can greatly increase their faith in your company. Including icons next to the “Proceed to Payment” button and logos from third-party verification services like “Verified by Visa” can make a big difference.
In order to maximize profits, businesses need to minimize their drop-out percentage during checkout. Each and every customer means a lot to your business. The only way to generate profits is to allow customers to enjoy trouble-free shopping.

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