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December 19, 2014

Mobile Commerce – The
Future that it holds

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There is a reason why we have started this blog with so many stats, to tell you that we cannot emphasize enough on the importance of the role mobile devices are playing and will continue to play for driving sales for your business. The line between offline (in store) and online shopping is slowly diminishing thanks to mobile devices.
In the last few years, retail businesses have largely progressed because of two reasons, one because of improvements in internet bandwidth/infrastructure and two because of the increase in adoption of smartphones/ mobile devices. Mobile devices have enabled consumers to be online 24 * 7 compelling retailers to follow the suite and be available anywhere anytime. They have changed the way we live, shop, connect and work. They not only make shopping convenient but also provide consumers with options that were previously not possible.
With all this we would like to emphasize that mobile devices are here to stay, they have already made a notable impact as far as mobile commerce is concerned and will continue to do so in the near future. Hence, it is imperative for retailers to adopt (if they have not already) or risk extinction.


Mobile adoption though important comes with its own set of challenges and business, according to their businesses, must address these challenges to be effective.

  • Real Estate – The real estate available for retailers on mobile devices is limited and must be used judiciously. There is only so much information that you can present and hence it is important to prioritize your content and display only the absolutely useful information. Work on presenting the other information in an alternate and innovative way.
  • Media Support – High-quality images and video content are playing an increasingly critical role in e-commerce. But unlike desktops, they play a limited role on mobile devices because of the screen size. It is important to take this into consideration while working on a mobile strategy.
  • Security Concerns – Although the number of people using mobile devices to make purchases has increased there is still sections of people who worry about the safety and reliability of conducting business over a mobile device. It is important for retailers to be successful to educate consumers about measures they are taking to protect their interests.

This is, in no way an exhaustive list and we will keep adding to this but, it in a way points us to concerns that we must address to get more out of investments.

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