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September 29, 2014

Shopping Cart Abandonment
– Stay Competitive

Author Stalin Cruz
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This is our third blog in the series which deals with ideas to combat shopping cart abandonment; if you have not already, read blog 1 – Right Infrastructure Helps and  blog 2 – Give Your Customers Everything they Need. In this blog we will look at few ideas under “Stay Competitive” category which can help retailers reduce shopping cart abandonment.

  • Competitive Pricing

i95Dev - Shopping Cart Abandonment -Competitive Pricing
Thou high price might look like a forthright logic for shopping cart abandonment, Forrester studies have confirmed that price is one of the few major reasons for shoppers abandoning their carts.
Customers are smart and compare prices for any item at multiple places before buying. To deal with, you must compare your product prices with that of the competitors and leave no space for your customers to grumble. Competitive product prices build trust in the minds of the customers for a website. Also, offering a price guarantee gives your online buyers confidence that they have discovered the best deal and have no need to compare prices with your competitors. Furthermore, having a transparent refund policy adds peace of mind to the shopper’s experience.

  • Make it easy for them to find Products (SOLR Search)

i95Dev - Shopping Cart Abandonment - SOLR Search
The more you make life easy for your customers, the more they bank on you. Unlike normal search, SOLR search is the most advanced and powerful search platform that helps customers in finding products conveniently. SOLR search based websites provides customers with relevant options while typing and even give effective suggestions against odd searches.

  •  Provide Free Shipping

i95Dev - Shopping Cart Abandonment - Free Shipping
Customers today are very price sensitive and do not like paying for things which they are not going to get (in hands). Moreover rising competition and a number of sellers offering free shipping has programmed customers to expect free shipping by default. That is why when they visit a site and realize that they have to pay for shipping they do not think twice before abandoning their purchase to find an alternative.  A Forrester study reveals that 44% out of 65% online shoppers, who abandon their shopping carts abandon because of high shipping charges. Plus, 22% of online shoppers abandon their carts because the seller never mentioned the shipping charges up front. Providing Free or flat rate shipping can be the difference between an abandoned shopping cart and a closed deal.
Stay tuned for our next blog in the series “Shopping Cart Abandonment – Make Shopping Convenient”.

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