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September 12, 2014

Sales Person Module – Helping your Sales and
Customer Reps Service your Customers Better

Author Mark Johnson
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Selling is no longer restricted to a sales channel; in-store shopping involves customers asking a product no longer in stock to be home delivered, online shopping involves customers calling your customer service to make modifications to their order, etc. Today all sales channels need to support each other; there is very thin line between what you can do on one channel and what you can do on another.
Your sales reps and customer service agents (they directly interact with your customers) are no different. They today need the ability to access and modify all customers related information (customer information, order information, etc.), irrespective of the channel, to better serve them.
i95Dev’s SalesPerson Module is one such module which enables your sales and customer service reps to view and edit customer information (orders, etc.) while working remotely, in office or from a customer site. The module provides your sales and customer service reps a complete view of the customer. It eases the order creation process and gives them time to focus on your customers.

Gone are those days when your sales or customer service reps had to call your in house team to request information when on field, or take orders on paper or other devices and feed them back into the main system, etc. Now, they can access customer, product and inventory information anytime, anywhere and also close deals taking orders on the move.

Using SalesPerson module, Sales and Customer Reps can manage customers and orders assigned to them. They can also access the order history and any other relevant information that is present in the ERP system which will help them service the customers better. Your CRM isolated from your ERP will barely be an issue as i95Dev SalesPerson module allows you to fetch information directly to your Magento ecommerce store.
Sales and customer service reps can handle any order irrespective of how complex it is, give discounts, and can use Coupon Codes and Gift Cards available for specific customers.

Sales Quote module in conjunction with SalesPerson module opens up an option for Reps to handle Quotes. Reps can manage an existing quote assigned to them or can directly create a quote which moves ahead for approval from admin.

i95Dev understands how important happy customers are for a successful business and SalesPerson module was designed keeping their needs in mind. It addresses the changing dynamics in trade, brings in efficiency eliminating even the smallest chances of error (which could otherwise have detrimental effect on your business).
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