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February 6, 2015

Setup Google Analytics
in your Magento store

Author Kevin

Online retailers are highly affected by constant evolution in technologies, services and marketing tactics. To survive and thrive, businesses need tools to make better decisions quicker. Google Analytics is one such tool that ensures you end-to-end statistical information, adding an advantage over your competitors by understanding market trends and drifts in customer behavior, insights on market demands to enable you to strategize changes in product planning and pricing and finding out not so profitable marketing channels in your business to maneuver before damage is done to your bottom line. This blog offers a simple step by step approach of setting up Google Analytics tracking for your Magento ecommerce.

  • Sign in with your registered Gmail ID and Password

  • Select Admin and click on your Account

  • Click on “Create new Account”

  • Click on “Website” to track your website. Enter your Account name, Website Name, Website URL, Industry Category and Reporting Time Zone. Click on “Get Tracking ID” to receive the Track ID Number for tracking your website via Google Analytics

  • The unique Tracking ID is generated for your website. You now have the tracking code

  • Go to Magento Admin. Click System -> Configuration. Click on Google API

  • Enable Google Analytics and enter your Account Number. Click on “Save Config” to save the changes done

  • Google Analytics tracking is now set up in your Magento store

Magento propels ecommerce data to Google Analytics which gives businesses a better understanding of customer behavior and market trend. Product performance, Sales Performance, etc. can be tracked efficiently with Google Analytics set up in your Magento store.


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