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September 10, 2014

6 Ways to Grow
your Business Online

Author Russell
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World has changed the way we shop; increasingly the decisions we make are influenced by internet (because of information provided, channels available, etc.). With ecommerce growing in popularity having an online presence is more than just an option now, it is a must do thing to survive. Customer expectations are increasing and to succeed in this highly tech-savvy market, you are left with only two options, adapt the trend or perish.
In the article below we have highlighted 6 useful ways you can grow your business online.

1. Know your Customers

While good products and service are critical for your success they alone cannot guarantee you success. No matter how good your product or service is, the simple truth is no one will buy if they don’t believe that they need it. And you find it difficult to persuade them if you do not understand them, do not understand their needs, etc. Knowing and understanding your customers is critical. Only once you know them can you plan to target them appropriately.

2. Content is King but needs SEO

Content is at the heart of today’s marketing strategies as businesses use websites, blogs, etc. to attract customers. High quality content, relevant to your business and brand, helps businesses engage your customers and encourage them for return visits. But the need of the hour is more than just good content. You need to optimize this content from SEO perspective to make it discoverable.
Branding via SEO is one of the major growth hacks available today that helps boosts sales. It guides you to choose the right keywords and understand the intent behind their use, so that you can customize your landing pages accordingly and then drive traffic to them for the desired outcome.

3. Personalize Content

Generic content is the thing of the past; thanks to today’s technology you can create a personalized experience for your each and every customer. It is possible for you to filter out the unwanted information to make the shopping experience more relevant to the individual. It is this targeted approach that customers desire and has also proven to be more effective. The personalized content makes customers feel that they are understood and increases the chances of them making a purchase on your store; not only that it also drives them to increase the size of their order.

4. Provide Omni-channel Experience

Businesses today are present everywhere (ecommerce, social media, mobile commerce, physical store, online marketplaces, phone, etc.) where their customers are. But handling these channels separately without a strong strategy to control the customer experience on each of these channels can be huge challenge for businesses small and big alike. Shoppers expect the brand to provide the same quality experience and service on each of these channels. It is hence important for businesses to not only be present on all these channels but also provide the same information about products and services on them; all while providing the best customer service.

5. Fulfill Orders on Time and allow Backorders

Customers definitely are the backbone of every business, but because of all the options available they are also very fickle. So, to keep them coming back you need to go the extra mile to make them more than just satisfied. There are two critical things for that:

  • Fulfill Orders on Time (read before time): Order delivery is one of key areas where customers expect their order to reach them on time (in most cases before time). Imagine the impact that a late order delivery can have on their loyalty. Therefore it is important to under promise your customers and over deliver them (obviously you cannot go overboard with the under promise thing).
  • Allow Backorders: Keeping your customers on your store is single more important thing for businesses, even when you do not have the product they are looking for. Allowing backorders gives your customers an option to stay away from your competitors. But it does not end there; you also have to fulfill those backorders as promised and in the shortest possible time.

6. Provide them Options

We all love options; to appeal your customers and stay ahead of your competition provide your customers more options wherever possible – when searching for a product (similar products), or while making payment (multiple payment gateways), or when choosing their shipping (a number of shipping options), etc. In most cases providing multiple options to your customers does not cost much, incrementally, but goes a long way in retaining your customers on your store. Bottom line, your competitors are giving your customers enough reasons to switch over and you don’t have to add things to them (customers switching to competition because of lack of support to a particular payment type or shipment type). If increased sales and profits along with a growing and satisfied customer base are among your top priorities, you would definitely do well to look into expanding your online options.
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