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November 7, 2014

B2B Ecommerce empowers
Sales Representatives

Author Chris Wilson
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Ecommerce has always been associated with retail businesses for a number of reasons; not because retailers were quick to adopt but because manufacturers and distributors had their own reasons for not going online:

  • complicated business processes which were hard to streamline in the online world,
  • difficulty to integrate multiple systems,
  • complex product line and varied pricing rules tough to configure,
  • challenges associated with personalization,
  • lack of faith in ecommerce,
  • existing sales channels, etc.

But times have changed and the new era of customer demands spontaneous response; which if your business fail to deliver you will see your customers moving on to your competitors. The following scenarios best describe why you need to move your B2B business online:

  • Your sales rep is attending a customer who wants to know say the order status of an earlier order or lead time for a new product

What is the Need? Customers expect your sales representatives to have all the information on their fingertips
Why are traditional businesses helpless? Traditional businesses do not have the right infrastructure in place to allow their sales persons to access this information. They have to exchange multiple calls with back office to provide this information losing time and also risking miscommunication.
The solution – Leverage the sales portal functionality of ecommerce and provide your Sales reps access to right information so as to cultivate a prospect competently. i95Dev’s Sales Person module does just that and more. It also allows you to assign a specific sales rep to every customer and enables them to pamper customers with necessary information for better merchant-customer relationship. To know more about the Sales Person module read our blog Sales Person Module – Helping your Sales and Customer Reps Service your Customers Better

  • Your customer are submitting sales quotes to you offline (software or paper) and call you to modify an existing quote

What is the Need? You customers expect an easy way to create and manage quotes
Why are traditional businesses helpless? Too complex a scenario for your business to handle quotes online
The solution – i95Dev Sales Quote enables your sales representatives and your customers to create, edit and manage quotes online with real-time access to product, pricing and stock information. You can now further streamline the process to process this quote (accept, modify or reject) and possibly convert them to orders. To know more about the Sales Quote module read our blog Maximize your Sales with Magento Sales Portal
To extend B2B online, i95Dev Sales Quote integrated with SalesPerson is just what your business needs. Your sales representatives can leverage the combined functionalities to provide your customers an experience to remember.

  •  Your customer often repeat their order and find it cumbersome and repetitive

What is the Need? You customers expect the ordering process to be smooth and easy
Why are traditional businesses helpless? You have no way to identify your customer’s last order or the process to find that out is just too cumbersome
The solution – i95Dev’s Frequent Order module allows you to build a reusable list of items which can be saved and used to create orders at a later date; this way, a buyer does not have to browse the product catalog each time while placing the order.
You can now have all your unorganized, structure less data tied up and move towards a customer-centric approach using i95Dev tools (Contact Us @ i95Dev). This will enable you to provide your customers an enriching shopping experience and build a lasting relationship.
i95Dev provides many other critical B2B features that can help you sync your sales channels to provide a more scalable business. To know more, read our blog B2B is more than Credit Limits on exclusive B2B features that helps manufacturers and distributors to grow online. With these features in place, your sales reps can easily use the online store and sales application to improve productivity both on and off the field.

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