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March 20, 2015

Categorize your Ecommerce
Customer to serve better

Author Mark Johnson
Category Blog | eCommerce |

Not every shopper is same. Understanding each consumer’s personality and preferences empowers an online business to provide good personalized customer service, and most importantly sell more. Online retailers have customers with varying needs, wants, and preferences; and to serve them well, you need to uniquely treat individual shopper.
Shopper’s questions or concerns often vary a great extent. And from a customer service reps perspective connecting the customer thru multiple channels, it is always wise to have the ecommerce customers categorized appropriately. Classifying a shopper helps your reps to come up quickly with a solution that works well both for your business and the shopper. The idea is simple – if your rep finds a quick resolution, it makes the shopper happy, and a happy shopper will return to your online store to purchase more in future. As you dig deep down the customer behavior and analyze their preferences, ecommerce customers can be classified into four types as mentioned below:

Brand Loyalist

Brand loyalists are the ultimate example of commitment and consistency. Guys who say that they are about to do something or that they firmly believe in something mostly acts in such a way so as to make that very thing true. Your brand loyalists are those who believe in your brand, your store, your product or in your service. They are loyal to you as they have made several purchases and always praise you among others for whatever you are – and you can definitely make it if you retain good customer data.
Now, if your brand loyalist has a problem, you need to act promptly. All they deserve is a royal treatment. If you can delight them, you will definitely make more customers and sales in future.

Passionate Bellman

Passionate Bellman can help any business grow multifold. They mostly share positive tweets about your business, share every purchase they make on various social media channels and pin their purchased products for friends to see. But they can even cry foul or rant in social media when things go wrong; you need to be extra cautious in dealing with this category of customer. They always want to be esteemed; and so your reps must listen to these customers carefully, validate their concerns with eagerness and find a quick resolution.

Trend Follower

Trend followers commonly follow the crowd. One telltale sign of such a folks are that they hardly have anything unique in them and follow a common style. These customers very often show up with questions regarding shipping, billing, reliability or even fashion trends. All your reps need to do is to make these folks feel comfortable like everything is normal and that they are very much in the mainstream.


Discoverers are those customers who hunt for details, terms, examples, test data, disclaimers and many more. These customers believe in comparing items intensely before making a major purchase. If a discoverer is connecting you, you be rest assured that your store, product or something is missing out on information. When a discoverer connects your reps, your reps need to be especially resourceful, as your reps might face certain valid questions or queries that they have not yet come across. It will be wise to maintain detailed data and specifications about your products or services, so that your reps can point the discoverer to everything he requires to make a well informed buying decision.

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