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February 25, 2015

Improve customer service with Microsoft
Dynamics CRM integrated with ecommerce – Part 1

Author Mark Johnson
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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions create new opportunities for businesses by driving business productivity through innovation. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is such a scalable CRM solution that grows alongside your business while offering enhancements to business processes across sales, marketing and customer service units. It helps to develop leads, nurture contacts, track sales and keep your customers happy.
Fundamentally, Microsoft Dynamics CRM involves three basic steps:

  • Discovering and developing customer relationships
  • Improving these relationships to increase business profitability
  • Keeping customers happy

Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes all the best practices of CRM, with all the flexibility, familiarity, and functionality you can expect from Microsoft, it works the way your business needs and the technology demands. Customers are the backbone of businesses and complaints are the ultimate customer feedback. Customer complaints show what’s not working and thereafter need to be fixed. Turning an unsatisfied customer into a happy one promptly is the sign of a good business. Eventually it assists customer retention and loyalty. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one such tool that has the right combination of knowledge which gives your customers the stellar service and experience combating against the odds as mentioned below, creating loyal champs for your business in the process.

Convenient deployment

Most Organizations surely at any point of time have experienced the frustration of dealing with complex software configuration processes. But unlike many other CRM solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easy to configure and can be deployed within few days of time. As a hosted solution, Dynamics CRM has the flexibility to remove the need to compromise on the quality of the software. Plus, being from the same Microsoft family, it’s simple to integrate with Microsoft Office for documenting and reporting purposes.

Quick and reliable response

No customer feels good when put on hold or have to wait until the next agent is available. Such delays bring dissatisfaction among customers and few out of them might not even return in future. Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s rapid respond to customer service issues helps organizations to anticipate, address and deliver consistent, efficient customer care that contributes to long term business profitability.

Streamline customer interaction

A very common phenomenon for service industry is to take incoming calls and pass them on to respective departments based on the type of service requests. This might make sense for their business process but definitely not for customers who would barely prefer repeating the same information to different representatives. Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives the flexibility by acquainting with dialog scripts that eases client interaction for the representatives. Such scripts help businesses to convey the exact information to the customers without diverting them from the real issue and eliminate the problem of customer repeating the same information with a detailed customer database that gives representatives a flexibility to know customer’s previous interaction history with the company before moving ahead.

Effective decision making

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives an end-to-end view of customer data both online and offline. It allows you to leverage the most out of the tool to enable your sales and marketing professional s to make decisions based on real time access to leads and identifies the upsell and cross-sell opportunities to improve sales.
But today businesses need more to allure customers. Need of the hour is of a system that have the power to harness your customer data. It’s no longer innovative to store, manage or use customer relationship data but the way you streamline your processes and integrate your isolated systems for better customer interactions. Customers being the crux of your business, all you need is to improve customer interaction in order to improve your business. Imagine the experience for a customer who is able to retrieve his own purchasing history from your web-store or is aware of when your representative will attend his complaint, such information directly connects your business to your customers. Your website connected to your CRM will help you gain insight into customer behavior more easily and improve your offerings and increase sales. Our next blog of the series Improve customer service with Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrated with ecommerce – Part 2 will highlight on integration of ecommerce frontend with CRM and focus on how it can help you realize your dreams with CRM.

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