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July 17, 2014

Manage your Retail Operation
Effectively with AX for Retail

Author Charlie Brown
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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail is one of the most powerful and easy to use ERP solutions that offers midsize and enterprise retailers a powerful, integrated, point of sale solutions, store management, supply chain, merchandising and much more. Role based interfaces in Dynamics AX help drive productivity while offering a real time visibility in customer and inventory data. This gives the retailers full, centralized control over their entire business operations and the flexibility to change processes easily and quickly as new retail opportunities arise
With Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail one can maximize their existing IT investments in Microsoft technologies for a fast return on investment. You can always innovate by adding functionality at a faster pace and more cost effectively, enabling you to scale up your business operations, add locations, and change processes rapidly. This is vitally more important in today’s fast moving retail market

Spent more time in managing your retail business

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail allows you to accelerate business success by eliminating integration challenges with an end-to-end solution. Single solution allows you to reduce complexity, improve operational efficiency across your entire retail operation, standardize business processes across multiple sites and finally provides deep insight into business performance.

Multichannel Operations

Traditionally retailers have had to rely on to disparate systems eCommerce (retail) and Back Office solutions to meet their needs. By combining Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail with an eCommerce platform several cross-channel scenario such as buy-online/pickup-in-store (“click and collect”) provide significantly enhanced customer convenience. Within a multichannel environment Dynamics AX for Retail provides a central hub that integrates assortment and category management with online channels. Moreover it provides retailers a complete multichannel platform that enables you to operate and manage all your sales channels from a single system.

Flexible POS Solution

Retailers can now continue to capture transactions and can serve customers in more efficient way .User interfaces can be easily optimized for different store roles and individual sales staff can alter the look and feel of POS, within acceptable, centrally controlled limits to help improve individual performance – for example, to make it easier for lefthanders. Targeted sales messages on-screen can be used to help sales staff to increase Average Order Value.  POS capabilities include: on account, global voucher, returns management, returns voids, and inventory receipt/counts.

Powerful merchandising

Dynamics AX for retail lets you optimize for profitability with pricing flexibility such as flexible discounts, coupons, discounts by group, item, customer, mix-and-match, and buy one get one free scenarios. With this you can take the advantage of powerful assortment management including creation, scheduling, tracking, using n-level deep item hierarchies, and category management
In a nutshell Microsoft Dynamics AX for retail is a perfect solution that helps retailers gain insights into customer behavior and use it to optimize the entire chain of operations right from sales to supply and distribution.

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