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March 13, 2014

Personalized Customer Experience
with i95Dev Mobile POS

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With the advent of Mobile POS technology, businesses can now complete a variety of business processes and conduct transactions anytime, anywhere. Today, Mobile POS is gaining popularity in the retail industry, hospitality industry (e.g. restaurants and nightclubs), tradeshows and many others. In retail businesses, POS applications handle any combination of checkout, inventory control, customer management, e-commerce sales, merchandising and distribution. This capability allows retailers to automate the point of sale, improve inventory tracking, and enable more effective management of customer data to grow profits and decrease store inefficiencies. In addition, such a tool will also enable your sales representatives to personalize their sales pitch based on customers’ purchase history and preferences.

Why Mobile POS?

Foremost in the minds of business leaders, whether they are B2C or B2B, is leaving their customers with the best possible impression of their business and its commitment to their satisfaction. Leveraging mobile solutions, such as POS, are an effective way to increase responsiveness and elevate the transaction process.
Emergence and adoption of mobile technology and devices has given way to new Mobile POS solutions which, besides serving as a POS solution, also help sales representatives offer unique experiences to customers. Retailers looking to grow their bottom line continue to realize the benefits of using technology in ways that increase profitability with a minimum of capital investment. Online sales channels and Mobile POS are just two of the methods gaining in popularity of late.

Benefits of Mobile POS Solution:

  • Increased Customer experience– Customers usually get frustrated when they ask a question related to a price or availability of an item and a sales associate doesn’t have the tools to provide a quick response.  Equipped with mobile devices linked to the POS and inventory management system, those associates can immediately help customers without ever leaving their side, providing necessary information needed to ensure the sale is made.
  • Increases Speed (Line Busting) – The need to get customers through the check-out line as efficiently as possible has always been a top priority for retailers.  Using mobile POS in-store, you can now easily manage long queues during the busiest parts of your sales day, avoiding any potential customer satisfaction issues, or lost sales, due to long waits.
  • Informed Sales– Sales representative equipped with a mobile POS solution can access customer data (personal information, past history, history from other integrated channels) and would be able to make an informed sale (cross-sell, up-sell, recommend).
  • Increased Sales– With mobile POS, you can consider new ways to increase sales in different parts of your store.  Maybe you want to hold a demo for the customers in your store to promote a wide range of products or category.  Now that you have mobile POS in place, when you get the customers excited and they are ready to buy, you can close the deals immediately.
  • Easy Returns – One of the most stressful operational problems retailers face involves the question of handling customer returns in a way that actually increases customer satisfaction. Today, most of the customers wait in a check-out line for many minutes to exchange or return items. By the time the customer has moved through the line and had a return processed, they are so frustrated that, when asked if they’d like to shop or get their money back, they’ll often choose the latter and leave the store. With mobile POS in place, you can work with customers outside of the check-out line to ensure their satisfaction
  • Close deals on the move– Mobile POS  gives you an opportunity to sell anywhere that has an online connection back to the store POS and inventory management system, allowing you to grow your business in a variety of ways.  Whether it is setting up parking lot tent sales just outside your store or participating in trade shows and events, taking your products wherever your customers gather, you are no longer restricted to selling only inside the store.
  • Customer Loyalty –Customer loyalty programs are often tacked on to the end of a long check out process. Imagine that instead retailers could enter customers’ information for the loyalty program while they were walking through the store. The customer wouldn’t have to fill out any loyalty form or have to wait in a long queue. Since the mobile device transfers data to your secure ERP database, the customer’s identity is recognized throughout the retail chain. If your customer loves your store, they’ll definitely love you even more for caring about their customer loyalty.

How can i95dev help?

To learn more about i95Dev’s Mobile POS solution or schedule a demo, please free to contact us at: or give us a call at 301.760.7499.

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