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August 29, 2017

CRM Magento Integration:
Top 4 Reasons from B2B Perspective

Author Chris Wilson
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According to Gartner by the year 2018, 40% of the B2B players will use price optimization algorithms and tools to deliver personalized product pricing to the customers. This can be a real game changer. Forrester also predicts B2B ecommerce to top 1.1 trillion USD and account for 12.1% of all B2B sales in US alone by 2020. For the current ecommerce players to scale up to grab a share of this market, they need to leverage on their CRM to drive their business.
CRM is a vital tool for an ecommerce player, be it B2C or B2B. However, the importance of CRM tool alleviates a bit in a B2B operation due to the nature of business operations in this.
Importance of CRM in B2B business
CRM helps bring the marketing and sales team together. This coherence can help B2B ecommerce players in multiple ways. Ecommerce player need clear objectives to come up with a plan for building this system. Below are some reasons for adopting CRM and ecommerce integration immediately and help set clear objectives for this exercise.

  • Providing customer service

Customer service is at the center of any business. B2C players are much better at it, as their business model is sensitive to customer attrition. With the increase in business volume, interacting is a challenge. As the operational size increases, customer experience tends to take a hit.
CRM Magento integration can enable B2B players build lasting relationship with their customers. Customization is possible as CRM has access to complete information about the customers. This can help B2B ecommerce companies enhance the user experience.
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  • Generating and closing quality leads

Generating leads in a B2B ecommerce scenario is slightly complex compared to B2C scenario. A CRM within an integrated ecommerce software stack can help your team create relevant leads. A strong funnel with relevant leads is a dream-come-true for any business and an integrated CRM can make it happen.
Ecommerce ecosystem provides CRM with valuable insights and actionable business intelligence. Pointers like customer demographic data, products viewed and previous purchases can be part of these insights. This reduces the dependence on other sources for leads and helps create high value leads at a cheaper cost.
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  • Build customer loyalty

Building a loyal customer base is a herculean task. The same set of audience using the B2B platforms as B2C and this sets their expectation on user experience. Integrated CRM will come with an intelligence necessary for sales team to interact with a lead. This might also include:

  • Create and sent targeted email campaigns and promotions
  • Give discounts and personalized offers to a select group
  • Customized messaging based on their profile or search history
  • Push contextual promotional messages for alternate products
  • Making pricing simple for field sales agents

Field sales team plays crucial role in closing a deal, which makes this feature vital. Sales team should have access to real time information on the price of the product and discounts allowed. Absence of such a feature can lead to disconnect between you and your sales team.
B2B player can avoid these situations through price charts and clear communication. Through the CRM, sales reps have details of maximum discount on given order quantity and other instructions, like when to seek permission to close an order.
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B2B Ecommerce players can increase the value derived from their ecommerce ecosystem through CRM Magento integration. Some perceived benefits are:

      • Improve funnel quality
      • Better customer service
      • Simplify communication with your team
      • Custom discounts like quantity based discounts

We at i95dev have worked in many critical cases where we helped improve the operational and functional efficiency of the B2B business. We specialize in integrating ERP, CRM and other critical backend systems with the powerful ecommerce platform of Magento. Among other, we helped our customer connect their MS Dynamics CRM with their ecommerce platform. Other components include inventory management, shipping modules, order management and payment systems.
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